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Synonyms You Can Use to Replace 'Problem' in IELTS

Fed up with overusing "problem" in IELTS Writing? Upgrade your vocabulary by learning alternative expressions for it from this story!
But how to replace a common word like ‘problem’ while writing 😓?
Repeating the same word in IELTS Writing is like using a dull pencil to a writing competition - neither can you create satisfactorily nor do you get the desired result!

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Don’t worry!

Just hop on to the following slides and learn some synonyms for ‘problem’ and their usage to elevate your answers for IELTS Writing.

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The current issue that the society is facing is easy access to the internet from a young age.

I have managed to overcome my financial difficulties and plan to visit you soon.

During the war, people were in a dilemma about the parties involved.

Although there was a setback in the process, the authorities had found a solution to it.

Even now, many children have to face many challenges in order to get a good education.

The management had trouble finding out who made the mistake.
Complication - The search party had to face some complications to take the baby out of the well.
Obstacle - There might be a lot of obstacles on the way, but with the right attitude and hard work nothing is impossible.
Remember that the vocabulary for IELTS Writing should be formal.

Therefore, avoid using synonyms like ‘hitch’ or ‘snag’ as they are informal synonyms of ‘problem’.
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