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Timing and word length in the writing module in IELTS

Time management and word limit are two vital factors for taking IELTS. Go through this story to know its worth!
Two key components of the IELTS exam are timing and word length.
The IELTS Writing test is divided into Task 1 and Task 2. While Task 1 differs in Academic (article) and General (letter), Task 2 (essay) is the same.
While the minimum word limit for Task 1 is 150 words, Task 2 must be at least 250 words.
You can divide the 1-hour duration into 20 minutes for the former and 40 minutes for the latter.
It is important to maintain these two factors because of two primary reasons.
Firstly, following the word limit will make your answer compact. You will be conscious of including only essential information from the graph or for the essay.
While writing more will not fetch you extra marks, writing less than the said limit will reduce your score.
Secondly, if you maintain the word limit, you will finish within the stipulated time and can revise your answer.
It will enable you to rectify your mistakes, if any.
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