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Tips for acing TOEFL

If you are preparing for TOEFL, this story is for you.
As TOEFL is the popular English language examination for American universities, you must use these tips to get a decent score if you want to relocate to the US.
Choose the earliest date that is available.
The time it takes to send your TOEFL result depends on your school location. So, take the test no later than six weeks before your college application's deadline.
Regular active learning 
Regular English practice can help you become more at ease with the language and develop effective communication techniques.
Enhance your vocabulary
You'll need a variety of English vocabulary to perform well on the TOEFL. Hence, start by reading our extensive list of TOEFL words to communicate effectively.
Attempt practice exams
To be ready for the TOEFL, the right approach is to practice taking the tests. It will improve your skills and give you insight into how to manage time efficiently.
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