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To Weather the Storm: Meaning, History, Usage, and Examples

Explore the intriguing usage of the "to weather the storm" idiom in IELTS. Uncover its roots, understand its meaning, and see real-life examples!

‘To weather the storm’ means to get through tough times without giving up; coming out stronger in the end.

Historical Roots

The idiom originated from the act of ships enduring turbulent weather conditions at sea, evolving metaphorically to describe overcoming challenges or hardships with resilience and perseverance.

Example Sentences

After facing criticism and setbacks, the politician continued to weather the storm and eventually regained public trust.

The family's strong bond helped them weather the storm of their father's illness, supporting each other through difficult times.

How/When to Use the Idiom In IELTS Speaking

In IELTS speaking, you can effectively use the idiom "to weather the storm" when talking about a tough time that you overcame!

Let’s check out a few examples!

Examiner: Can you give an example of a time when you faced any challenges, either in your personal life or professional life?

Candidate: One example is when I faced challenges in a university group project. Despite setbacks, our team was able to weather the storm by communicating effectively and ultimately achieving success.

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