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Useful Vocabulary to Appearance & Personality for IELTS Speaking

Are you worried about how to describe someone's appearance or personality? This story will help you with that.
Sometimes, it becomes very

difficult to express how another

person looks or an individual's

personality, especially for IELTS

There are certain words that assist us in that.

So, let us learn some of those words to enrich our word power as well as to impress.
1. Slender
Meaning: thin and delicate, often in a way that is attractive

Sentence: The dress suits her as she has a slender waist.
2. Look young for your age
Meaning: to look younger according to one's age

Sentence: Your mother looks young for her age.
3. Chubby
Meaning: slightly overweight but in an attractive way

Sentence: The baby's chubby cheeks are rosy pink.
4. Courteous
Meaning: polite and showing respect

Sentence: Robin is always courteous to everyone.
5. Open-minded
Meaning: having a mind receptive to new ideas, arguments, etc

Sentence: Our manager is very open-minded and so she is liked by all.
6. Go-getter
Meaning: very energetic and eager to succeed

Sentence: Rosie is a go-getter.
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