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Using 'Nowhere', 'Somewhere', 'Everywhere', 'Anywhere'

In this story, we will learn how to use 'nowhere', 'somewhere', 'everywhere', 'anywhere'.
Since the spellings of these words may look similar due to the suffix '-where' at the end, let us check the meaning of each word once we separate them.
1. Nowhere becomes “no place” (no + where).

 2. Somewhere means “some place” (some + where).
3. Everywhere means “every place” (every + where).

 4. Anywhere means “any place” (any + where).
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In general, all these four words can be used to refer to different places.
The word 'nowhere' can be used as an adverb or noun and can mean 'a place that doesn’t exist'. For example: The village is in the middle of nowhere.
When we use 'somewhere', it refers to a specific but unknown place. E.g.: I know the killer is somewhere in this building.
While 'everywhere' means 'all places', 'anywhere' refers to a place that is not exact.
1.The fair draws people from everywhere.

 2. The old lady didn't have anywhere to go.
For instance:
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