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You might be familiar with the term "valid." But let's find out more about the word in this story.
The word of the day for today is 'Valid'.
The word 'Valid' is an adjective and can be pronounced as 'va-lid' (/ˈvalɪd/).
The meaning of the word is 'be legally or officially acceptable'.
Some synonyms of the word are: 'Legitimate, 'Credible' and 'Official'.
The collocation of the word is: With noun: valid ticket/ name/ passport/ signature/ vote/ reason/ argument/ claim/ excuse/ criticism/ comparison/ conclusion. With adverb: equally/ only/ perfectly/ statistically/ still valid .
Example: For IELTS Speaking:
 1. Your return ticket is valid for three months.

 2. If you do not already hold a valid passport, application forms may be obtained from the Post Office.
For IELTS Writing: Perhaps women choose this style because it fits with their own, perfectly valid interactional or social goals.
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