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Ways to reduce your excess word count

Are you worried that you will cross your word count limit? This story will provide some guidance to solve your problem.
Word count is a crucial factor for IELTS. Even though there is no penalty for crossing the word limit, it will mean you have included unnecessary information.
So, here are some ways to limit the excess data and achieve the band score of you desire.
Sometimes, we tend to repeat our ideas in different words. So, check for such repetitive ideas in your writing and remove them.
Besides repetition, we also include unwanted examples and data to increase the word limit. Well, it is time to stop doing that.
While speaking, we often use "the" and "that," but in writing, there are situations when you can omit them without changing the content of your statement.
Fewer words are often used in writing that uses the active voice as opposed to the passive voice. So, it is better to write in active voice.
Adverbs and adjectives increase the word count in your writing, and depending on how you use them, they may strengthen or undermine your point. So, remove them.
These are the five top ways to reduce the extra word burden.

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