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What Are the Common Question Types in IELTS Speaking Part 3?

Tackling IELTS speaking part 3 can be a bit hectic! No worries, read ahead for our expert tricks!

Did You Know?🤨

There are 6 common types of questions in IELTS Speaking Part 3! 

Let’s see elaborately about them now!🥳

The 6 types aren’t the only possible ones, but most questions will fall into 1 of these categories!💯

The Common Question Types:

1) Opinion

2) Hypothetical

3) Compare and Contrast

4) Change

5) Future

6) Benefits

1) Opinion✍🏻

Being asked to give your opinion is one of the most straightforward question types.


Do you think people in your country are less healthy than they used to be?

2) Hypothetical questions🧐

These are about ‘unreal’ or imaginary situations. To answer a hypothetical question, you’ll need to use the conditional. The clue is that little word ‘if’.


If tourists stopped visiting your area, what effect would it have on the economy?

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