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What Is A Good Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System Score?

Do you have a doubt about what is a good CRS score for Express Entry? Check this story.
All Express Entry draws choose the most eligible candidates based on the CRS score.
Until the last all-program draws on Dec. 23, 2020, the average minimum CRS score was 472 points.
In reality, a “good” score that can result in an ITA can vary from draw to draw and program to program.
Three years back, there was a fixed range of this score, going from a minimum of 469 to 478 points.
Therefore, based on past draws, a “good” CRS score for an all-program draw seemed to be about 480 points.
However, in the more than a dozen PNP draws this year, the average minimum CRS score has been 756 points ranging from 674 to 808 points.
Apart from this, there can be exceptions as well. For example, in early 2021, the minimum CRS score needed for a CEC draw was only 75.