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What more can you know about idioms?

You might be familiar with the term idioms. But do you know its types? Check out this story.
An idiom is a phrase that, when read as a whole, has a meaning that cannot be understood from the individual word meanings.
"lend a ear" does not mean to cut your ear and give it to someone, but to listen carefully to the others.
1. Pure idioms

 2. Binomial idioms

 3. Partial idioms, and

 4. Prepositional idioms
Idioms are of four types:
They are the ones in which you cannot understand the meaning of the phrase from the individual word components. E.g., "Throw in the towel" (give up).
Pure Idioms
It consists of two words connected by a conjunction or a preposition.
E.g., down to earth (practical); by and large (everything considered).
Binomial idiom
It is one that’s been shortened into one part, with the second part generally being understood by fluent speakers.
Partial idiom
E.g., "storm brewing in his eyes" (while 'storm brewing' means 'anger', 'in his eyes' can be understood by all)
E.g., "put up with" (tolerate)
An expression that combines a verb and a preposition to produce a verb with a specific meaning is known as a prepositional idiom.
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