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Will a Slower Pace Elevate Your IELTS Speaking Score?

Do you want to know how a slower pace affects your IELTS Speaking score? Be with us till the end to learn the secret!
Here's a common misconception: Speeding through your IELTS speaking will boost your scores.
Spoiler alert!
It's not the fast lane to succeed!
Rather, slowing down might actually increase your IELTS Speaking score.

Want to know how? Keep reading, folks!
Organize thoughts with ease💭!
Speaking fast limits thoughtful details and hinders creative vocabulary use.

Slowing down aids idea formulation and prevents repetitive language.
Slow down for fewer slip-ups🤦‍♀️!
As you speak at a slow pace, you can take a moment to nail the verb tenses, and think about which article or pronoun fits best.

It's like puzzle-solving for your sentences!
Cut the 'ums' and 'ahs'🗣️!
When you speed up, you need more fillers like ‘ums’, ‘ahs’, ‘like’, which affect your score.

So, slow down to ditch the extras and nail your IELTS Speaking exam!
Ease up for top-notch pronunciation🔊!
Speaking too fast can make you sound monotone and drain the emotion from your voice.

So, take your time, play with intonation, add stress, and find your rhythm.
You have learnt the benefits of slowing down for the IELTS Speaking exam.

 But, Wait!

Do you know how to slow down?
Let’s keep that discussion for another day😇!

Till then, come join us for a demo class and we will let you in on some juicy IELTS secrets!
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