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Word of the Day: Forfeit

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The word for the day is "forfeit".
The word "forfeit" is

 used as a verb, noun, or

It is pronounced as

'for-feit' (\ ˈfȯr-fət \).
It means as a:

 verb: lose something due to error, offence, or crime

 noun: something that is lost because of wrong-doing

 adjective: surrendered as a penalty
Its other interpretation as a noun is:

 Penalty for a fault that results in loss or surrender

 Surrendering something as a penalty for a mistake or failure
Some synonyms of the word are:

 'surrender',  'relinquish', 'penalty', 'fine', 'fee', 'charge', 'sanction', and 'loss'.
The antonyms are

 'retain', and 'reward'.
Usage in Sentence
1. The team had to forfeit the game due to a lack of players.

2. The company will forfeit their deposit if they cancel the contract.
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