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Word of the Day: Imperceptible

Expand your vocabulary with today's word of the day. Let's broaden our linguistic horizons together!
The word of the day is "imperceptible".
The word 'imperceptible' is an adjective.

 It is pronounced as 'im-per-cep-ti-ble' (\ ˌim-pər-ˈsep-tə-bəl \).
Let's understand what it means.

imperceptible: impossible or difficult to understand, be aware of or detect by the mind or senses
Some of the synonyms are:
 'undetectable', 'invisible', 'slight', and 'subtle'.
The antonyms are 'obvious', and 'noticeable'.
1. The rise in sea level was so imperceptible that it took years to detect.

2. The difference in taste between the two wines was nearly imperceptible.
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