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Word of the Day: Prevail

With today's word of the day, let's expand your vocabulary.
The word for the day is

Prevail is used as a verb.

 Its pronunciation is

'pre-vail' (\ pri-ˈvāl \).
1. be larger in number, quantity, power, status or importance

2. prove to be superior

3. continue to exist
It can also be used to mean:

 4. use persuasion successfully

 5. be valid, applicable, or true
Its synonyms are:

'win', 'triumph', 'carry the day',

'succeed', 'conquer', 'obtain',

'persuade', 'lure', and 'urge'.
Its antonyms are:

 'fail', 'forfeit', 'lose',

'surrender', 'follow', 'yield'

and 'give up'.

1. Good always
prevails over evil.

2. The team worked together to
prevail in the championship game.
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