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Words to Say Instead of ‘Advantages & Disadvantages’ in IELTS Essays

Boost your IELTS writing task 2 skills by finding synonyms for ‘advantages and disadvantages!’ Read ahead!

Twisting your brains to find alternates for the words - ‘advantages & disadvantages’ while writing this essay type? 

Here are 3 advanced synonyms you can use!🤩

1. Instead of constantly writing “advantages” you can use “benefits”.

Eg.: There are numerous benefits to delaying parenthood.

2. Instead of always writing “disadvantages” we can use the word “drawbacks”.

Eg.: There are plenty of drawbacks to postponing parenthood.

3. Instead of copying the word “outweigh” from the question, use the word “exceed”
Eg.: I would argue that the benefits surpass the drawbacks.
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