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Find out what our students from around the world think about us. Our student first approach throughout the years has helped us develop not just strategies and techniques to help you get your desired band score but also help students look beyond the exam to conquer their fears in communicating freely and confidently with English. Our testimonials and reviews for online classes, courses and eBooks testify to the quality of content we deliver.

Our Students

Visa Approved

Eldose, India

Germany: Job Seeker Visa

         The GetGIS team has been incredibly helpful in addressing my queries and providing clear explanations of the process. One thing I particularly appreciate is their prompt responses to all my doubts. In particular, Ms. Geeta has been with me every step of the way, patiently clearing all my doubts and ensuring I feel comfortable throughout the process. It has been a great experience with GetGIS.

Visa Approved

Rahul Sah, India

Canada PR: SNIP | PNP

         I'm thrilled to share my experience with GIS. Regarding my Canada PR process, I would like to personally thank the GetGIS Team for their guidance throughout the entire process, which made it a hassle-free experience. They always promptly addressed my queries. Thank you very much for your kind support and guidance. Best of luck and thanks!

ITA Received

Aravind Suresh, India

Canada PR: SNIP | PNP

         One of the key factors that set GetGIS apart was its exceptional ability to optimize my job profile. They provided invaluable insights and suggestions to enhance my job application materials, making them highly appealing to potential employers. Thanks to their expertise, I received numerous job opportunities and eventually secured a position that aligned perfectly with my skills and aspirations. Furthermore, GetGIS's post-landing services were invaluable. They provided me with crucial support and resources to facilitate my transition into a new country Canada. Whether it was finding suitable accommodation or offering advice on settling in, their unwavering assistance made the entire process much smoother.

Visa Approved

Parmjeet Kaur, India

Canada PR: Express Entry

         I completed my IELTS from GetGIS and got good results and the best assistance from that thought of applying my PR from them. I have been assisted greatly with the process of ECA by the team. The team is working proactively and giving me timely updates. Having a great experience with GetGIS and now I have got my VISA approved by next month I am flying to Canada. Thank you GetGIS time for all the timely support, yes I really trusted them and today I got my result.

ITA Received

Sumodh, India

Canada PR: PNP

         I would like to take this moment to thank GetGIS and their team for all the support provided during the Canada PR process. They did an excellent job helping me through the documentation from start to end. I am very much impressed with their attention to detail and guidance to ensure the visa documents were accurate and error-free. The service provided by GetGIS was outstanding and most importantly transparent. The dedicated relationship manager and immigration counsellor were knowledgeable and courteous throughout the Canada PR process. Thank you once again!

ITA Received

D Nishant, India

Canada PR: Express Entry

         It was my dream to go to Canada and it became real through GetGIS Immigration services. My experience with them was truly remarkable. The Canada PR process was so smooth and they delivered on their promises by providing end-to-end assistance right from PR services to job search assistance. The entire team at GetGIS was cooperative and helpful throughout the journey. I want to extend a special thank you to Mr. Raja for his exceptional professionalism. I highly recommend GetGIS Immigration consultants to anyone seeking reliable and efficient immigration services.

Visa Approved

Aditya Mehta, India

Canada PR: Express Entry

         The service provided by GetGIS was outstanding and most importantly transparent. The dedicated relationship manager and immigration counselor were knowledgeable and courteous throughout the Canada PR process. One of the most important things I want to emphasize here is their transparent fee structure. I really appreciate the hard work and commitment shown by the GetGIS team as they treated my application with utmost importance and dedication, rather than considering it just another case.

Visa Approved

Saad Mohammad, India

Canada PR: Express Entry

         I normally do not like writing reviews on online platforms. But, I could not prevent myself from writing this one as my experience with GetGIS services was really satisfying. People here are so helpful and fast with their dealings. The price may be above the market range, but it was good to see that they do not compromise on the quality of services they provide. Finally, I have got my VISA. Thank you, GetGIS!

PR Score 475

Krishnan Thapa, India


         After enough research, testing, and trials, I finalized GetGIS. Since my schedule was already tight, I didn’t want to go differently for IELTS and PR. Fortunately, they helped me with both. I took the IELTS course for a month, and after that, GetGIS helped me with the PR process to Canada. Today, I am a proud Canadian citizen, all thanks to the professional team at Global Immigration Services.

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