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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is grammar important in IELTS?

Grammatical Range and Accuracy is extremely important in IELTS and it’s one of the grading factors. Grammatical errors can lower your score drastically.

Is it a grading factor in IELTS?

Yes, it is.

How is grammar important in the listening section?

When you write your answer for the listening section, and if the answer does not grammatically fit the blank, you will lose marks. For ex: He is eating a pie. If you write ‘eat’ instead of ‘eating’ in this sentence, you will not be given a point

How to improve my grammar?

Like every other skill, grammar can be improved by acquiring more grammatical knowledge by learning grammar and practising it continuously until you are good enough to write the test.

Are there particular grammar topics I have to concentrate on?

Knowing the basic grammar topics like tenses, sentence structures are enough to get you through this exam

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