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IELTS Writing Prediction Questions & Answers : Free PDF

“Check out this ultimate guide on the IELTS Writing test and master the tips shared here to improve IELTS writing practice and achieve the top writing band score!“

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the General Training Writing module and the Academic Writing module?

Task 1 is different for both Academic and General, whereas task 2 remains the same.

Are IELTS Writing questions repeated?

Yes, they can be repeated. So, it is important to practise IELTS actual test papers and IELTS writing practice tests as well.

Why should I paraphrase the IELTS Writing question?

If you write the same words that exist in the question, it won’t be counted during the word count and if your word count is less than what is required, it might lead to a lesser band score than required.

Should I count the number of words I have written for the IELTS Writing answers?

You might not have enough time to count the number of words, so when you practice, make sure you count the words and keep in mind the number of lines that it comes up to

What will happen if I don’t write 150 or 250 words?

If you don’t meet the word limit, your band scores will be reduced under the Task Response/Achievement criteria.

Do I need to provide citations or references in my IELTS Writing essays?

No, IELTS Writing tasks do not require external sources or citations. Responses should be based solely on the information provided in the task prompt.

Can I use personal pronouns (I, we, you) in Task 2 essays?

Yes, personal pronouns can be used in Task 2 essays, especially when expressing personal opinions or experiences.

What should I do if I run out of time during the IELTS Writing test?

Manage your time effectively by allocating a specific amount for planning, writing, and reviewing each task. If you run out of time, try to quickly summarize your main points or provide a brief conclusion to complete your response.

Is it acceptable to write in a different style or tone than the one provided in the prompt for Task 2?

It's essential to adhere to the tone and style indicated in the Task 2 prompt. Deviating significantly from the provided tone or style may affect coherence and cohesion, potentially impacting your score.

Should I write in British or American English for the IELTS Writing test?

Either British or American English is acceptable for the IELTS Writing test. What matters most is consistency throughout your response. Choose one variant and stick to it throughout the test.

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