Pie Chart Vocabulary for IELTS Preparation – with Pie Chart Sample Answers, Topics and Tips.

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Pie Chart Vocabulary for IELTS Preparation – with Pie Chart Sample Answers, Topics and Tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pie-chart?

Pie Charts are the circular charts that are divided into sections or pie slices usually representing the percentages. Each section of the pie chart shows the percentage of data that it represents. When you put all the sections together it forms a circle.

Is there a dedicated vocabulary for the pie-chart?

Yes. There is. You have to express the percentages represented in the pie-chart using suitable vocabulary. Some examples are: a fifth, a quarter, nearly a half, four-fifths, almost a third, just over three quarter etc.

What is the structure for describing a pie-chart?

Introduction Overview Body paragraph1 Body paragraph 2

What significance does time period have in a pie-chart? Will it be mentioned in the pie chart?

Yes. It is significant because it decides the tense in which the pie-chart has to be described.

If I observe any trend from the pie chart and if I know the reason for it, can I add the reason? Will it improve my score?

No. Please do not give your opinion. Your explanation should be completely based on the information given in the pie-chart

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