IELTS Writing Task 1

IELTS Writing Task 1

“In IELTS writing task 1, you will write a 150-word essay on the graph/chart/diagram in IELTS Academic. For the General Training exam, IELTS Writing task 1 is writing a letter“

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to write a conclusion in Task 1?

No, a conclusion is not as important as an introduction or overview in Task 1.

How much is Writing Task 1 worth?

Writing Task 1 is worth 33% of the scores of the writing section

How many types of Task 1 are there?

The Writing Task 1 of Academic test consists of a few types of questions like process diagrams, charts, graphs and maps whereas the General test consists of letters which may be formal, semi-formal or informal.

Can I take 30 minutes for each task?

Task 2 has a higher word count of at least 250 words, so it would be appropriate if you concentrated more on Task 2 rather than Task 1.

Will we receive two graphs or charts?

There are instances where you might receive two graphs and not just one. Usually these graphs are related to each other, so you can concentrate on the key points of both the graphs.

Practice IELTS Writing Task 1 based on report types

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