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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to write a conclusion in Task 1?

No, a conclusion is not as important as an introduction or overview in Task 1. Hence, you can only make your answer centralised around these two primary parts.

How much is Writing Task 1 worth?

This Writing Task 1 section of the writing module is worth one-third of your overall IELTS marking. This means that it covers up approximately 33% of the scores that you will get in the writing section.

How many types of Task 1 are there?

The Writing Task 1 of Academic test consists of a few types of questions like process diagrams, building plans, bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, tables and maps whereas the General test consists of letters which may be formal, semi-formal or informal.

Can I take 30 minutes for writing task 1?

With writing tasks, you must manage time cautiously. This means that experts recommend not to spend more than 20 minutes on writing task 1. This will help you concentrate better on other questions.

Will we receive two graphs or charts?

There are instances where you might receive two graphs and not just one. Usually these graphs are related to each other, so you can concentrate on the key points of both the graphs.

Will the academic paper be marked the same as the general paper?

No, the academic paper is not marked the same as the general paper. The difference is in the marking method of the four criteria. Task achievement, accounting for 25% of the marks, is evaluated in both the papers.

What is the best way to organise information in writing task 1?

For task 1, you must always organise your information in different paragraphs, such as Introduction, Overview (main features), First Body Paragraph (details in logical orders), Second Body Paragraph (details in logical orders).

Are they going to check spellings?

Of course, yes. The examiner is going to be attentive toward your spellings. This is an integral part of the vocabulary criterion. In case you end up committing a lot of spelling mistakes, you will get a lower score.

Should I compare and contrast data in every body paragraph?

No, you don’t have to do that. As per the instructions, you will only have to compare and contrast whenever asked. Generally, it is not always required to contrast and compare. In fact, sometimes, it can make your write-up confusing. So, better to avoid it unnecessarily.

What is the best way to write the introduction?

There is a set-specific formula to write down the introduction, and it can be learned easily. You will have to look at the given information and paraphrase the same. It is better that you keep it short and don’t go beyond two sentences.

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