IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 Topic 11: Different methods of waste disposal in four cities – Bar Chart

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 Topic 11: Different methods of waste disposal in four cities – Bar Chart
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Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson

Soon after graduating with a Master’s in Literature from Southern Arkansas University, she joined an institute as an English language trainer. She has had innumerous student interactions and has produced a couple of research papers on English language teaching. She soon found that non-native speakers struggled to meet the English language requirements set by foreign universities. It was when she decided to jump ship into IELTS training. From then on, she has been mentoring IELTS aspirants. She joined IELTSMaterial about a year ago, and her contributions have been exceptional. Her essay ideas and vocabulary have taken many students to a band 9.

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Akshata D

Posted on Mar 5, 2022

The given bar graph illustrated how waste disposal is carried out in four major cities(Toronto,Madrid,
Kuala Lumpur and Amman).

Overall, it is evident from the graph that Landfill is the most popular process in Toronto and Amman, whereas
incineration is most common in Kuala Lumpur and Madrid. Composting is the least popular method in all four

The given trend pattern represents that Toronto disposes almost 75% of it’s waste by landfilling, while
Madrid uses the same method for less than 30% of it’s waste. Amman clears approximately 45% of the
waste with the help of landfill, which is three times more as compared to the landfilling done in Kuala
Lumpur(15%). Incineration is a dominant method in the latter country for almost 55% of it’s waste and
it’s followed by Madrid with 40%. Toronto and Amman do incineration with almost 10% and 40% of their waste, respectively.

A glance at the graph reveals that recycling is practiced at a same rate in Madrid and Kuala Lumpur
at almost 22%. The same process is carried out at less than 10% in Toronto and slightly more than 10% in Amman.
Considering the last method-composting – almost 8% composting is done by Madrid and less than 5% is done by Amman.
Meanwhile, Toronto and Kuala Lumpur practice it at the same rate of approximately 6%.


Glen Brown

Glen Brown

Posted on Mar 7, 2022

Band Score: 5
The word count is exceeding the limit of 150 – 175 words
Wrong use of contractions


Posted on Feb 3, 2022

The given graph compares four cities, namely Toronto, Madrid, Kuala Lumpur and Amman in term of trash disposal processes.
It is noticeable that Landfill and Incineration are the two most favored methods in all of mentioned places.
According to the presentation, Landfill is used mostly in Toronto, at above 70% of the waste. Similarly, this method is responsible for disposing approximately half of Amman’s waste. In both Madrid and Kuala Lumpur, Landfill is employed to dispose 29% and 15% of sequential wastage. In term of Incineration, Kuala Lumpur uses this way to dispose of 55% of its garbage; which is followed by Madrid and Amman, at 40% and 38% of the trash, respectively.
Both Madrid and Kuala Lumpur process more 20% of their trash through Recycling way. However, only around 10% of the waste in Toronto and Amman is recycled. Out of all, the least employed waste disposal way is Composing, at just below 10% of four countries’ trash.


Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson

Posted on Feb 4, 2022

Band score: 5

Concentrate on grammatical numbers, usage of articles.


Posted on Sep 2, 2020

Remarkable! Its truly amazing article, I have got
much clear idea regarding from this piece of writing.


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