IELTS Bar Chart/ Graph

ielts bar chart

IELTS question paper will usually have a question of a bar graph. The bar graph is also called a bar chart. It is also measured in the same way the line graph is measured. Even the bar graph has two axes, which shows the change over time. The bar graph will have rectangular bars, Which can be shown horizontally or vertically. It represents the data with 2 or more values.

Steps in Writing a Good IELTS Bar Essay

There are some steps that can be used to write a good IELTS bar essay. These steps can be used to write a good essay. If you follow this process it will be easy for you to remember the important points during the exam.

Analyze the Question

The first step in all the formats will be the same, In order to write any answer, it is important to analyze and understand the answer. All the questions consist of different kinds of sentences like a brief description of the graph, instructions and the graph, chart or table. The instructions again may consist of three sentences, selecting the main features, writing about the main features and comparing the main features. So, basically the main feature is important in every question.

Identify the main features

The bar graph questions asked are should not be difficult to answer because they are asked to test your language skills and not mathematical skills. When the question is asked to know your language skills it is not very difficult to find out the main features and write about it.

Write an Introduction

All you need to write in the introduction is to paraphrase the question that is asked. You can write the same sentence for the answer too by using different synonyms or by also changing the structure of the sentence. It is important that the language used should sound natural, do try to put the synonyms which do not sound good.

Write an Overview

This is usually done in the second paragraph where the main features which are identified are generally or clearly explained. In this paragraph, you have to spot any comparisons that are there. In this paragraph, you can also write about the general trends that occur in the data given.

Write the first detailed paragraph

In this paragraph, you give detailed information about the data given. But, more than giving importance to the mathematical concerns, you have to give importance to the language. Make a relevant comparison of the data given.

Write the second detailed paragraph

In this paragraph, you have to explain the remaining main features in detail. It is the same as the first detailed paragraph, You have to include everything that is included in the first detailed paragraph.

Tips on describing the Bar Chart

There are few tips which are used for describing the bar graph which is as follows:

  • After you write all the information regarding the bar graph in the answer, try to put some simpler words which will help the test taker to fetch more marks in the examination.
  • Once done writing, review the content that you have written, and check if it is free from errors or plagiarism. Try to add the extra words which will suit the data given.
  • While practicing, use different bar graphs or charts, so that you improve your ability to explain different types of graphs and charts.
  • You have to also review the superlatives that are the important features, these are essential to explain the bar graph or chart effectively.
  • You can also write a conclusion, with reference to the bar graph. You can gain more marks if you can understand and interpret the bar graph.

How to choose the information from the Bar Graph?

In the Bar Graph question, should contain 150 words essay with 10-15 words in a sentence. It is not necessary that it should be in a particular structure. You can write an essay based on how it flows naturally. Some of the things that can be chosen while writing the essays are as follows:

  • One sentence for the introduction.
  • Two sentences with main features.
  • One sentence with the comparison.
  • One sentence that groups 2 data points because they are same
  • One sentence that notes the exception.
  • One sentence that describes the data in an advanced manner.
  • One sentence that describes data in normal.
  • Two sentences for the summary.

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