Connectors / Linking Words for Writing – Functions and Tips

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Connectors / Linking Words for Writing – Functions and Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are connectors important in writing?

Connectors or linking words are important grammar tools for articulating effortlessly as they make sentences look more logical and structured. They help in sentence construction and connect two or more ideas/ information within a sentence. Using connectors/ linkers correctly while writing will ensure the flow and meaning of the sentence are clear and accurate for the reader to understand.

Name some of the common connectors used in IELTS Writing?

Some of the most common connectors used in IELTS Writing are 'because', 'due to', 'as a result', 'therefore', 'thus', and 'consequently'

What are some linking words expressing differences or contrasts?

While expressing different or contradicting ideas in a sentence, linking words like 'whereas', 'although', 'even though', 'however', 'nevertheless', 'despite', 'on the contrary', and 'in spite of'

Mention some linking words that can be used to express a finale or summarization

Some linking words used to express conclusion in writing are: 'In conclusion', 'Altogether', 'In short', 'To sum up', 'In summary', 'To reiterate', 'To recapitulate', 'Briefly', and 'To conclude'.

Where do you use connectors or linking words in IELTS writing?

In IELTS Writing, connectors or linking words are used in understanding the transitioning between paragraphs, presenting an opinion, providing instances and reasons, and illustrating consequences and/or conditions of various scenarios.

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