IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essays

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essays

Frequently Asked Questions

Is writing task 2 same for Academic and general module of IELTS?

Yes. You have to write an essay consisting of 250 words on a given topic.

What is the marking criteria for essay writing?

Task response – 25% Coherence and Cohesion – 25% Vocabulary – 25% Grammar – 25%

I’m confused about opinion essays. Eg.1: Even in agree/disagree essays they ask for your opinion like “To what extent you agree”. Eg.2: Even in advantage/disadvantage essays they ask for your opinion like “Do you think the advantages outweigh disadvantages”. Eg.3: There are essays which specifically ask for your opinion.

In any essay which asks for your opinion, you may give it.

Can I write an essay which is more than 250 words? Will it improve my scores?

Minimum word count is 250. There is no upper limit, which means you can exceed 250 words. But you are not marked for the length of your essay. You are marked on how organised your paragraphs are, logical flow, collocations and grammar.

I have memorised some standard phrases to begin and end my essay? Will it improve my scores?

They should be relevant to the question given. Instead of using complex irrelevant phrases which lowers your score, you can follow simple rules such as: 1. For the introduction, you can paraphrase the question given. 2. For the conclusion, you can reiterate the main points.

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