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A well-organized essay will help the test takers to score a desirable band in the writing test. Many of the candidates who take the writing test will at least take 5-10 minutes to prepare for the essay once they get the topic of the essay. If you consider certain points while writing the essay it is very easy to score a high band. Few points are listed below which you can refer While taking the wring test.

  • Answer the Question Asked:
    Before answering, carefully read the question that is asked and try to answer the question to the point, do not divert from the topic. Whatever the topic is try to explain as much as possible. Do not speak out of the topic, if you do so you may end up losing the marks.
  • Plan your work:After you get the topic for writing, plan your work based on the format. Think about what has to be written in the introduction, two paragraphs, and a conclusion. Once you plan the work, you will get an idea automatically, how to write the essay and score high band accordingly.
  • Write, Review and Re-write:Before actually taking the IELTS Writing test, it is important to take a practice test, while taking the practice test, take a particular topic and start writing the essay, once you are done writing the essay go through it and review your mistakes. When you take the second practice test, try to improve or overcome the mistakes that happened before.
  • Skills you need to have:In order to score a good band in the IELTS examination, there should be some relevant skills, there are two kinds of skills; exam skills as well as language skills. You need to find out which skills you are good at and should improve the skills in which you are not that good. In order to find this out, you need to take a lot of IELTS practice tests.

IELTS sample essays are given in different types of questions. And each type wants you to give a response in different ways. The essay sample types are given below.

Agree and Disagree Type Questions

In this category, one opinion of the particular thing is given and you are asked to tell whether you agree or disagree on that particular opinion.

Discuss Two Opinion Type Questions

In this type of question, there will be two opinions given, you are asked to understand both the opinions and give your own opinion based on that.

Cause Type Questions

In this type of question, you need to give the reason or cause why something has happened and you are also asked to discuss the different aspects of it such as the effect, solutions and positive and negative aspects.

Problem and Solution Type Questions

In this type of question, you need to discuss the problems related to society and plan accordingly in order to solve these particular issues.

Advantage and Disadvantage Type Questions

In this type of question, you need to give opinions relating to the positive and negative sides of a particular topic.

Other Type Questions

There are other types of questions that do not fit in any of the categories above. So these kinds of questions are called other types of questions.

IELTS Writing Sample Essays

Academic Writing

The Academic Writing test also will have 60 minutes to complete the test. You are asked to write 2  tasks task 1 is 150 words and task 2 is 250 words. In task 1 you are given a table, chart, graph and you need to tell your opinion about it 150 words for which you can take 20 minutes. In task 2 a problem is given and in response to that, you need to write a 250-word essay.

General Training Writing

Again in the General Training test, you will have only 60 minutes to complete the test. Even here there are 2 tasks where you have to write 150 words essay for Task 1 and 250 words essay for task 2

In task 1 you must write a letter, for example, a request letter or a letter explaining a situation. In task 2 again it is the same as Academic Writing where you have to write about the 250-word response for a problem or a situation.

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