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Direct Question Essays – Structure, Questions, Samples and Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you write an introduction in the IELTS Direct Question Essay?

The examinee can write the introduction in the IELTS Direct Question Essay by paraphrasing the given question and outlining the specific ideas that they plan to cover in the body paragraphs.

What are the common errors the examinees make in the IELTS Direct Question Essay?

Many examinees make common errors like not answering both the questions completely, answering only one question, not understanding the type of question, and not outlining both answers in the introduction paragraph. These errors lead to an unbalanced essay which will affect the task achievement score.

How can you score high marks for task achievement in the IELTS Direct Question Essay?

You need to answer the questions directly including relevant and specific reasons for your answer. Also, the reasons must have been developed within the context of the question to score high marks for task achievement in the IELTS Direct Question Essay.

Can I use only one body paragraph in my IELTS Direct Question Essay?

It's always better to use a four-paragraph essay structure as these paragraphs help you break down your ideas into convenient sections that the examiner can easily understand. You must remember that the IELTS Writing task is marked according to four sections, and paragraphing falls under the cohesion and coherence section. This means the IELTS examiner will judge your English ability based on this skill.

Are IELTS Direct Question Essay and IELTS Double Question Essay the same?

IELTS Direct Question Essays are also known as IELTS Double Question Essays. Two characteristics can distinguish them: they have one statement with two different questions under it, and the questions may or may not be linked. Therefore, the examinee must spend a bit of time analyzing the questions, develop ideas, and then plan to write the answer.

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