Is freedom of speech necessary in a free society? – IELTS Writing Task 2

Is freedom of speech necessary in a free society? – IELTS Writing Task 2
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Kasturika Samanta

Kasturika Samanta

Kasturika is a professional Content Writer with over three years of experience as an English language teacher. Her understanding of English language requirements, as set by foreign universities, is enriched by her interactions with students and educators. Her work is a fusion of extensive knowledge of SEO practices and up-to-date guidelines. This enables her to produce content that not only informs but also engages IELTS aspirants. Her passion for exploring new horizons has driven her to achieve new heights in her learning journey.

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Posted on Oct 10, 2023

The ongoing discussion revolves around whether everyone should be allowed complete freedom to express their beliefs and viewpoints on various societal issues through the internet. On the other hand, some argue that such a practice might worsen the situation. This topic holds great significance in the digital age, where online platforms have become widespread means of communication and self-expression.

Supporters of granting citizens full freedom to convey their personal opinions assert that this is a fundamental cornerstone of a democratic society. They contend that in a civilized and democratic nation, the unrestricted exchange of ideas and perspectives is essential for nurturing open discussions and accommodating diverse viewpoints. Additionally, they believe that enabling individuals to freely communicate their concerns and grievances empowers marginalized groups and fosters individual growth and learning. In essence, these proponents champion the unrestrained expression of personal opinions as an essential political right.

Nevertheless, there are those who voice concerns about the uncontrolled expression of personal opinions on the internet. They argue that this approach might lead to the spread of misinformation and hate speech, potentially amplifying false information and fueling online harassment and hostility. Furthermore, they suggest that an entirely open online environment could pose risks to public safety and erode social cohesion. In essence, these individuals propose that unrestrained expression of personal opinions may entail significant risks.

In my view, there is validity in both arguments. While I firmly believe in the value of freedom of expression and its role in a democratic society, it is crucial to acknowledge that with great freedom comes great responsibility. Hence, a balanced approach is necessary.

Promoting digital literacy and critical thinking can aid individuals in distinguishing reliable information from falsehoods and reducing the risk of spreading misinformation. Additionally, exercising responsible self-censorship can contribute to mitigating the dissemination of harmful content. Online platforms also play a role by implementing effective content moderation policies to maintain safe and productive online spaces.

In conclusion, the debate surrounding the freedom to express personal opinions on the internet is multifaceted. While complete freedom of expression is a vital democratic principle, it must be complemented by responsible behavior and thoughtful regulation to strike a balance between safeguarding individual liberties and ensuring societal well-being.


IELTS Expert

Posted on Jan 8, 2024

Overall Band: 5
Main ideas are difficult to identify and such ideas that are identifiable lack relevance, clarity and support. Large parts of the response are repetitive. Relationships between ideas is unclear and inadequately marked. There is some use of basic cohesive devices, which is mechanical.

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Posted on May 19, 2022

Modern societies frequently assume that living in a democratic country guarantees free speach. However, in each democracy some individuals still have to fight for their particular, yet fundamental liberties. Besides, citizenry needs the freedom of speech to increase political transparency. Thus, I believe it is crucial to defend it.

It is undeniable that nowadays it is easier than ever to express one’s thoughts and feelings. Nevertheless, some people reject the notion that every human being is different and that life choices may vary from one to another. If one does not convey his or hers desires, they will not be included in public discussion and consequently in law enforcement. For instance, a discussion on LGBT rights is taking place in Poland. Even though it is a free country, catholic governors which are predominant in parliament enact laws that prevent homosexual people from legalizing their relationships and having families. The only effective way to oppose such regulations is by protest and demonstration. Not surprisingly, the freedom of speech is essential to drive a debate and allow everyone to be heard.

What is more, the right of speaking freely is a reminder to authorities that their actions are being watched and commented on. If societies entrust almost every aspect of their lives to governments, they should be allowed to have an insight into their real activities. History provides numerous examples, such as Watergate scandal, which prove that governors can take malicious actions. Such incidents should be revealed to the public so that citizens can choose whether they should reelect the same senators or not. Freedom of speech without a doubt increases the transparency of governments.

In conclusion, although some tend to believe that speaking freely in democratic country is a redundant conception, I consider it is a problem which has a significant scope of improvement. People shall be conscious that some minorities have difficulties with exerting their rights. Additionally, it is essential to have the liberty to comment on governmental eventualities.



Posted on May 20, 2022

Band Score – 6

Concentrate on the correct usage of articles, prepositions, pronouns, verbs and punctuation.

Pay attention to spellings and word order in a sentence.

Use C2 level of words.


Posted on Nov 5, 2021

Man is a social being , and thus it is necessary for humans to communicate and interact with each other. However, in a few countries, many rules have been formulated which do not allow their citizens to fully enjoy the freedom of speech which is constituted on them by the government. This essay agrees with the notion that a free society guarantees that its people have no restrictions on their freedom of speech.

Evil and wrongdoings of the authorities cannot be weeded out unless people can freely express their agitation against this. In an autonomy, people usually cannot opine about the working of the government. Therefore, the negative aspects of their rule will not be brought to light ,and thus it will lead to the country’s and citizen’s ruin. A classic example of this is the The Third Realm. The dictatorship of Adolf Hitler in Germany proved to the world how important the right of speech is, as the residents were not allowed to speak up to the world and thus the world remained unaware of the cold – blooded massacres that were happening under his order. Thus, it should be ensured that a person’s liberty to express himself or herself should not be interfered in any way.

In addition, expression of one’s opinions, beliefs and stands on certain issues will bring together like -minded people, and this can further bring about better changes. For example, people with same perspectives can join their hands in organising charity funds for the poor and destitute..or for the people who have lost their loved ones in a natural disaster. There are numerous instances ..where a single individual on a social platform has gathered thousands around the world for a good initiative. Therefore, it is agreed that the freedom of speech is of utmost importance in a free society.

In conclusion, people in a free society will enjoy the privilege to voice their opinions and thus will call off the corruptions of those in power and also provide a chance to provide humanitarian relief.


Janice Thompson

Posted on Nov 6, 2021

Band score: 5.5

Grammar: Concentrate on pronoun usage and plural possessives.


Posted on Aug 29, 2021

An independent society does not suffer any kind of restrictions on speech, on religion or on caste. In my opinion, as right to freedom of speech assist people in expressing their views and opinions without any fear, thus, the same forms an integral part of a free nation. In the forthcoming paragraphs, this essay will delve deep into the arguments supporting my views on freedom of speech being pivot to independent society.
With the independency of expressing views, citizens of a country are able to discuss their agreements and disagreements for any decision. As in any country wherein people are encouraged and are provided with an open platform to showcase their opinions regarding the different policies or acts of the government, people tend to enjoy more freedom than a country having restricted policy for right to speech. Moreover, it is with the help of this right only that people are able to speak against anything which goes wrong against their interest and thus, maintains freedom of choice in a nation. Furthermore, as in these nations, no policies can be just imposed on public and hence, it assists in maintaining complete freedom in a society. For instance, movement like ‘Black lives matter’ in the United States and ‘Farmers Protest’ in India are great example of freedom of speech, wherein people have come out to express their disappointments. Ergo, in my view, no society can be said an independent one unless its people are conferred with the right to speech.
Freedom to speech acts as a primary source to eradicate oppression from a society and hence, building a free nation. There are many countries in the world, which does not provide the right to feely disseminate news by the media and exempts them from the basic right to speech. Such countries majorly operate under dictatorship and citizens of these countries do not have the right to speak against the government policies and thus suffers from oppression. Had public been given opportunity to speak out and give their opinions, such oppression by these governments would not sustain. Therefore, in my opinion, right to speech is a basic ingredient for a society to be free from any kind of oppression.
In conclusion, right to freedom of speech gives a platform to people to express their opinions and raise their voice against oppressions, therefore, any society without these basic rights to their citizens cannot be said to be a free society


Janice Thompson

Posted on Sep 1, 2021

Overall band: 6.0

Grammar: Concentrate on subject verb agreement. Learn sentence structures and how to avoid disconnected sentence fragments.

Lexical Resource: Freedom of speech, oppression etc are repeated many times in the essay. Please use synonyms.

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