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“IELTS Vocabulary - Check out the easy tips to improve your vocabulary. You can also find the vocabulary for all 4 categories Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking here.“

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vocabulary a grading factor in the IELTS Exam?

Yes, Lexical resource is a grading factor in the IELTS exam

How do I improve my vocabulary?

You can improve your vocabulary by learning new words every day, using these new words in your everyday conversations.

Do I lose marks for wrong spellings?

Yes, you will not be given a point for wrong spellings

What happens if I use a word incorrectly?

If your usage of the word is wrong, then it absolutely makes no sense. Thus, it will be marked wrong.

Do I get low scores if I don’t use uncommon words?

Yes, you will be given a low score if you don’t use uncommon words as it will be assumed

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