Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 – 8.0 – 9.0: THE BUSINESS WORLD ( Part 2)

Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 8.0 9.0 THE WORLD OF POLITICS Practice Exercises and Answer Key Part 1 7

Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 – 8.0 – 9.0: THE BUSINESS WORLD – Practice Exercises and Answer Key ( Part 2)



Use i – v below to fill the gaps in the text. You will need to charge the word – forms so that they are correct to fill the gaps.

(i) consort        (ii) conglomeration      (iii) delegate       (iv) solicit       (v) ascertain

It is a huge 1. _________ with activities in diverse industries ranging from extraction and mining to call centre support services, but that hasn’t stopped a(n) 2. __________           of ambitious investors from launching a takeover bid. Unperturbed by a valuation of $18 billion, Matriarch Investors, as the group call themselves, have sent a(n) 3._________ of high-powered lawyers to meet with the present owners to discuss possible terms of sale, although before discussions can begin it will first have to be 4.___________ whether or not the owners are even willing to tolerate such talk as this takeover offer is entirely 5. _____________           .


Transform the word in brackets so that it fits correctly in the gap.

  1. The level of market __________ (penetrate) has not been as high as desired. That said, we are confident of making steady inroads and growing our market share significantly over the next two quarters.
  2. The __________ (orient) of the product appears to be towards women in their mid- to late-forties.
  3. There were ___________ (mitigate) factors at play and I do not think the product’s failure was down to it simply having been poorly conceived.
  4. The bank has been accused of _________ (prey) lending and its loan book is to be closely examined by the financial ombudsman, government sources have claimed.
  5. This business is a ___________ (merit) ; we are led by and reward our best and most talented staff members; who you know counts for very little here.
  6. ___________ (protect) and the notion of free trade are two __________ (idea) opposed economic philosophies.
  7. He was awarded _________ (punish) damages over and above the amount of compensation he was due for loss of profits as the judge felt the defendant needed to be taught a lesson.
  8. Our boss is a _________ (nepotic) of the highest order; he just hired his niece for the newly-vacant position of Financial Officer despite the fact that she has only recently graduated and has no relevant work experience.
  9. This sets a ___________ (precede) of sorts by sending out the message that the mere act of calling a lightning strike is sufficient to get you exactly what you want from the owners. I have never seen a more immediate ________ (capitulate) by those in authority, have you?
  10. The decision was made _________ (lateral) ; he did not consult his partners prior to the announcement.
  11. The _________ (viable) of the proposal must now be called into question on the basis that the estimated cost of the build alone is now three times greater than the original figure quoted.
  12. The business is _________ (solve) as it can no longer meet the repayments on its debt.
  13. The company was put into _________ (receive) by the court after it was declared bankrupt on Monday.
  14. The army issued a _________ (require) order for 50 new tank units.
  15. There is a strong likelihood that your home will be _________ (possess) if you continue to miss your repayments.


Which of the words used to fill the gaps in (E) above mean the following:

(i) the act of surrendering                                                  _________________

(ii) the capacity to be sustainable/successful               __________________

(iii) relating to one side only                                             __________________


Choose a word from the box to fill each gap. Use each word once only.

mark-up                       yield                tranche                           boycott

remuneration               loophole          purveyor                      mandate                       mogul

margin                         nominal           inventory                     indemnify

  1. The __________ package was not lucrative enough to lure him away from the company.
  2. He is a business ___________ who holds much sway in the political sphere, too, and is viewed as one of the best ambassadors the country has on account of the high repute in which he is held abroad.
  3. They exploited a(n) ___________ to avoid having to pay tax on the profits from the transaction.
  4. The insurance company agreed to _________ the business against losses arising from civil disorder.
  5. He has been given a(an) ___________ by the shareholders to proceed with the expansion of the company – how else could their overwhelming endorsement of him in the vote at the AGM be interpreted?
  6. The profit _________ is not high enough to make this a viable business.
  7. Included in the __________ was a one-of-a-kind platinum necklace which has been described as irreplaceable.
  8. The company is a(n) ___________ of jam to the royal family.
  9. The _________ of goods from Zimbabwe ended when the corrupt regime was removed from power.
  10. The __________ interest rate may have risen but the real interest rate remains the same.
  11. There is a considerable __________ on the price of bread considering that it costs wholesalers in the region of £0.20 per loaf yet they charge £0.80 on average to consumers.
  12. A large ___________ of money was transferred to an account in the Cayman Islands, raising suspicions that the company’s official modus operandi is but a front to mask a money laundering racket.
  13. The ____________ on German government bonds is lower now than it has been at any other stage since the introduction of the Euro currency

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  1. conglomerate 2. consortium 3. delegation
  2. ascertained 5. unsolicited


1. penetration

2. orientation

3. mitigating

4. predatory

5. meritocracy

6. protectionism/ideologically

7. punitive

8. nepotist

9. precedent/capitulation

10. unilaterally

11. viability

12. insolvent

13. receivership

14. requisition

15. repossessed



i. capitulation

ii. viability

iii. unilateral(ly)


1. remuneration

2. mogul

3. loophole

4. indemnify


5. mandate

6. margin

7. inventory

8. purveyor


9. boycott

10. nominal

11. mark-up

12. tranche

13. yield


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