Top 11 IELTS Vocabulary Books

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Top 11 IELTS Vocabulary Books

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Why are vocabulary books important?

Good vocabulary is the key to scoring a good IELTS band. So, vocabulary books can benefit IELTS candidates preparing for the exam. Learning vocabulary from a book is considerably easier than memorising words from a dictionary because acquiring terms from vocabulary books in context makes greater sense in what the aspirant is reading, making it simpler to recollect later.

What are the top 5 vocabulary books useful for the preparation of the IELTS?

The following top 5 vocabulary books assure the IELTS aspirants to up their vocabulary level: The IELTS Vocabulary book by, Collins Vocabulary for IELTS, 4000 English Words, Barron's Essential Words for IELTS, English Vocabulary in Use

What are some additional strategies to improve vocabulary besides reading books?

Apart from relying on vocabulary books, IELTS aspirants can improve their vocabulary by reading journals, newspapers, and magazines, listening to English audio, and watching English TV shows with subtitles. They can also keep a new vocabulary journal, in which they can write down new terms and their definitions to remember them later.

Why is it important for an IELTS aspirant to have good vocabulary skills?

It is highly important for an IELTS aspirant to possess vocabulary skills as it contributes to 25% of the total score in the IELTS writing and speaking modules. The examiners will assess their ability to use a wide range of appropriate vocabulary and use those words accurately while conversing or writing an essay.

Will the vocabulary books help with IELTS preparation?

Yes, absolutely! Every potential aspirant seeking to enhance their vocabulary abilities during their IELTS preparation would most likely benefit from the above-mentioned vocabulary books. Aspirants would benefit greatly from expanding their language skills using vocabulary books

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