Advanced Vocabulary Word List for IELTS

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Advanced Vocabulary Word List for IELTS

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of advanced vocabulary in the IELTS exam?

Each segment of the IELTS has a common criterion, Vocabulary (Lexical Resource), that contributes to 25% of the score in the speaking and writing modules, whereas it greatly aids the reading and listening sections of the IELTS exam. Thus, advanced vocabulary in the IELTS is a necessary soft skill that can significantly boost the IELTS band score

How does vocabulary aid in the IELTS modules?

Vocabulary in the IELTS Writing & Speaking test helps curate the test-taker's ideas better. Having good vocabulary in IELTS Reading & Listening tests makes it easier to get the answers correct in the exam. Thus, a wider range of vocabulary helps to not only understand the question but also locate the answers through skimming and scanning, using synonyms and connecting the contexts better

Describe some strategies for improving a test-IELTS taker's vocabulary

In order to enhance the IELTS vocabulary, the test-taker can do a lot of reading, research for new words, listen to English audio/ video every day, have the habit of keeping a dictionary, make their own mnemonics, use flashcards and read newspapers & magazines. They should not memorize the vocabulary and instead, understand the meaning and use it accordingly

Why is having a large vocabulary useful in the IELTS?

Having a broad level of vocabulary, without a doubt, is extremely beneficial for those attempting the IELTS exam. It is as important as understanding and utilizing it intelligently and efficiently in the IELTS because knowing a huge number of words and using them while speaking or writing without comprehending their meaning will lead to complications

How many words are enough for the IELTS exam?

An IELTS aspirant preparing for the IELTS exam must have a large vocabulary – approximately 6,000 to 7,000 word families to attempt the IELTS exam effectively and pass out with flying colours.

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