Accumulate – Word Of The Day

Accumulate – Word Of The Day For IELTS Speaking And Writing

Accumulate : Verb – /əˈkjuː.mjə.leɪt/


To gradually get more and more money, possessions, knowledge etc over a period of time.


Collect, gather, assemble.


Accumulate gradually/slowly/rapidly/steadily.


For IELTS Speaking:
“I want to pursue the higher education for a desire to accumulate wealth.”

“Fat tends to accumulate around the hips and thighs.”

For IELTS Writing:
“It is unjust that a privileged few should continue to accumulate wealth.”


Choose the following words to fill in the blank: accumulates, radical, tense, fluctuating, infrastructure, offset, biased, deviated, via, contemporary.

  1. The countries of Eastern Europe went through some fairly _______________ changes after the fall of communism.
  2. Most students feel _______________ before the speaking test.
  3. The value of the Canadian dollar has been _______________ between 80 and 82 cents American for the last few months.
  4. Despite its high economic growth rate, Laos remains a country with a primitive _______________; it has no railroads, a simple road system, and limited external and internal telecommunications.
  5. Scientific knowledge _______________ through empirical observations of the world around us.
  6. The Vancouver Art Gallery has an excellent exhibit of paintings by _______________ Canadian artists.
  7. The U.S. government has promised a large aid package to _______________ the cost of repairing the damage caused by the war.
  8. They flew to Japan _______________ Hawaii.
  9. When sampling a population, researchers may end up with an unrepresentative or _______________ sample unless the proper precautions are taken.
  10. When she was 6 years old, Josie decided to become a doctor, and she never once _______________ from the pursuit of that goal.
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