Analogy – Word Of The Day

Word of the day by - analogy
Word of the day by - analogy

Analogy – Word Of The Day For IELTS Speaking And Writing

Analogy: (Noun) /əˈnæl.ə.dʒi/


Something that seems similar between two situations, processes etc.


Correlation, Parallel, Resemblance.


With adjective: close/good analogy.

With verb: draw/find/make/use analogy.


For IELTS Speaking:
“A close analogy with the art of singing can be made here.”
“I have used the analogy of the structure of a document to describe the basis of the curriculum.”

For IELTS Writing:
” We may draw an analogy between geriatrics and paediatrics, another age-based medical specialism.”


Choose the following words to fill in the blank: analogy, refine, scenario, inherent, overlap, confined, distorted, temporary, mediate, ceased. 

  1. Czechs and Slovaks share a common national history that began after World War One, and _______________ with the creation of two separate republics in 1993.
  2. The water _______________ the size of the fish, so they looked enormous.
  3. The United Nations has been working to _______________ the peace talks between the countries involved in the conflict.
  4. The will to survive is _______________ in all living creatures.
  5. We need to hire some _______________ office help during this busy time.
  6. We can’t watch both the movie and the hockey game on television tonight because the two programs _______________.
  7. She shows a lot of promise as a violinist, but she needs to _______________ her technique somewhat.
  8. My cousin has written a _______________ for a movie, and it has just been sold to a major Hollywood producer.
  9. Economic activity in Mali is mainly _______________ to the area irrigated by the Niger River.
  10. There can be no _______________ to a nuclear war: it is totally beyond all human experience and comprehension.

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