Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 – 8.0 – 9.0: EMPLOYMENT (Part 1)


Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 – 8.0 – 9.0:  EMPLOYMENT – Practice Exercises and Answer Key (Part 1)


Job Matters

(a) Match the words in Column A with their strongest collocates in Column B.

Column A Answer            Column B
(a) glass

(b) shop

(c) performance

(d) working

(e) career

(f) pay

(g) job

(h) pay

(i) employment

(j) salary

(k) Blue-collar

(l) constructive

(m) unemployment

(n) social

(o) office

(p) maternity

(q) hiring

(r) benefit

 (i) in kind

(ii) appraisal

(iii) prospects

(iv) specification

(v) practice

(vi) insurance

(vii) slip

(viii) conditions

(ix) worker

(x) politics

(xi) benefit

(xii) dismissal

(xiii) freeze

(xiv) dispute

(xv) tribunal

(xvi) leave

(xvii) steward

(xviii) ceiling


(b) Now use the collocations from (a) above to fill the gaps in the sentences below. You should use each collocation once only, and you will not need to change the form.

  1. I would question their ____________ on the basis of the fact that the rate of turnover of staff is so high; clearly they are not finding the right people.
  2. Look, I’ve no illusions of grandeur; I’m a ____________ and I’m never going to climb the corporate ladder and become some high-flyer; it’s the factory slog for me from now until the day I retire.
  3. My company car is a(n) ____________ ; I would sorely miss it were I to move to another job that did not offer the same perks.
  4. I have been claiming ____________ since I lost my job in April of last year.
  5. I took them to a(n) ____________ and the panel of experts sided with me and awarded me compensation in the sum of £4,500.
  6. You might have a case for ____________ there if you feel you were forced out for airing a genuine grievance.
  7. I paid ____________ for over 40 years so I have no guilt about claiming benefits now that I am out of work.
  8. There is a(n) ____________ in this industry and the truth is that women are not allowed to progress beyond a certain point in the hierarchy.
  9. My____________ aren’t great, but then being exposed to hazardous chemicals is simply par for the course in my line of work, I suppose.
  10. My quarterly ____________ went very well; my ratings were good and I was praised for my efforts by my line manager.
  11. The ____________ is going to accompany me to the meeting with the HR Manager and make my case in relation to the dispute over the disciplinary measures the company is trying to take against me.
  12. A ____________ is in place so the likelihood of me getting another raise is nil; besides, my current salary is right at the top end of the pay scale.
  13. The ongoing ____________ looks likely to harm the company from a PR perspective and could also yet result in strike action being taken by the employees affected.
  14. I consider my ____________ rather good on account of my good education and track record.
  15. ____________ is a fact of life in most companies, I’m afraid. The best person for the job is not always the one who gets it; often it is more a question of who is on better terms with the boss.
  16. I’m going on ____________ in six weeks’ time; the baby is due at the end of January.
  17. My ____________ is not looking so healthy at the moment; I have not been doing as much overtime of late so my take-home pay is down considerably.
  18. The ____________ has all the details you need to know about the nature of the role.


Job Matters


a. xviii

b. xvii

c. ii

d. viii

e. iii

f. vii

g. iv

h. xiv

i. xv

j. xiii

k. ix

l. xii

m. xi

n. vi

o. x

p. xvi

q. v

r. i


1. hiring policy

2. blue-collar worker

3. benefit in kind

4. unemployment benefit

5. employment tribunal

6. constructive dismissal

7. social insurance

8. glass ceiling

9. working conditions

10. performance appraisal

11. shop steward

12. salary freeze

13. pay dispute

14. career prospects

15. Office politics

16. maternity leave

17. pay slip

18. job specification

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  • A little mistake in a test. In the first part we have “hiring practice” as the right answer, whereas in the second task the right answer is “hiring policy”.

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