Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 – 8.0 – 9.0: EMPLOYMENT (Part 2)


Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 – 8.0 – 9.0:  EMPLOYMENT – Practice Exercises and Answer Key (Part 2)

Verb Collocations

Use the verbs from the box below to complete the sentences. All verbs should be used at least once and some will be needed more than once. The form of the verb should be changed where necessary.

table                put                   cut                   hand                draw

pursue              let                    drive                serve                call

dismiss            reject               enter                ply                   claim

overlook          reach                go                    tender              hold

breach              air                    climb               relieve

lay                   terminate         apply               give

return               take                 make                miss

  1. Street vendors ___________ their trade on street corners across the country.
  2. Please, if you have a grievance, by all means ___________ it; we don’t want there to be any bad feeling.
  3. He has ___________ in his notice; how are we going to be able to replace him?
  4. Either ___________ your resignation or I will fire you; it’s as simple as that.
  5. I can’t seem to ___________ down a job much longer than a couple of months.
  6. I’m ___________ a career break to do some travelling while I’m still young and fit enough to make the most of it.
  7. We’re ___________ your contract of employment immediately on account of your abusive behaviour.
  8. You are in ___________ of your contract; consider yourself of your duties as of now.
  9. Why don’t you ___________ a leave of absence to sort out your personal problems and come back to us when you are fully better.
  10. We had no choice but to ___________ off two-thirds of the workforce.
  11. I’m being ___________ redundant – they’re giving me a £250,000 pay-off.
  12. The company ___________ under, leaving its 50-odd staff jobless.
  13. If you continue to behave so irresponsibly, rest assured that you will be ___________ the sack.
  14. I ___________ my expenses back for the train journey I took to the meeting in Hoburn.
  15. You should ___________ for that position; I think you would be perfect for it!
  16. On account of having ___________ one of my targets, I forfeited my bonus; such is life…
  17. I am presently jobless and ___________ the dole.
  18. I intend to ___________ my notice period out in full.
  19. I am not prepared to ___________ on new responsibilities unless I receive a pay rise.
  20. The staff at all ten of their centers___________ a lightning strike.
  21. We ___________ on strike about 6 days ago; so far management have refused to negotiate.
  22. This industrial dispute is now drawing to a close as both parties have agreed to ___________ into negotiations on a compromise agreement.
  23. You ___________ a hard bargain, but I agree that your role in this company is central to its success; therefore, I am prepared to offer you a considerable pay rise.
  24. We were forced to___________ industrial action when our salaries were by 10%.
  25. I have to ___________ you go, I’m afraid; it’s just not working out for you here if you are honest with yourself, is it?
  26. His determination is commendable, but to___________ the corporate ladder he will also require no small measure of cunning.
  27. I ___________ an offer on the table but it has been firmly  . In light of this, I have nothing further to say. See you in court.
  28. Both parties have agreed to ___________ to the negotiating table in an effort to a compromise.
  29. We are being ___________ in the courts for damages as a result of an allegation of unfair dismissal.
  30. She was ___________ on the grounds that she was no longer mentally fit to carry out her role.
  31. I ___________ the motion, which was seconded by my superior, Roger.
  32. She was ___________ for the position because the interviewing panel felt there were other candidates with more relevant experience.

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Verb Collocations

l. ply

2. air

3. handed

4. tender

5. hold

6. taking

7. terminating

8. breach/relieved

9. take

10. lay

11. made

12. went

13. given

14. claimed

15. apply

16. missed

17. drawing

18. serve

19. take

20. called

21. went

22. enter

23. drive

24. take/cut

25. let

26. climb

27. put/rejected

28. return/reach

29. pursued

30. dismissed

31. table

32. overlooked

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