Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 +: EMPLOYMENT (Part 4)

Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 +:  EMPLOYMENT – Practice Exercises and Answer Key (Part 4)


Word Association

(a) First group the words in the box under the occupational headings.

1. Author 2. Investment Banker 3. Lawyer 4. Scientist 5. Police Officer
………………….. …………………………….. ………………….. ………………….. …………………..
turmoil             specimen         technicality                  floatation         writ

executor          checkpoint       dividend                      pseudonym      squad

plaintiff           enforcement    critic(al)                       memoir            precinct

broker              clinical trial      breakthrough               commodities    subject(s)

journal             autopsy            homicide                     revenue            forensic

obituary           cordon             subpoena(ed)               counsel            genre

(b) Now, use the words above to fill in the gaps in the extracts below. Use each word once only.

  1. His favourite i.__________ was science-fiction, though he wrote on a variety of subjects and in a variety of styles during his career, even contributing at one point to a prestigious scientific ii. __________. The iii. __________ reception was positive for all but one of his books; his iv. __________ was not very well-received, with suggestions that he glossed over his problems and portrayed himself as a victim. He always wrote under the v. __________ “Max Marks”. When the newspapers published his vi. __________, they lamented the passing of Marks, preferring not to use the author’s real name.
  2. He began his career as a i. __________ but lost his job in the ii. __________ that followed the infamous market crash of ‘68. Later, he would return to investment banking as a trader of iii. __________ . He went on to found his own trading firm, which had a very successful iv. __________ in 1982. It remains a one of the best-performing publicly-quoted investment companies with one of the highest v. __________ yields in its industry to this day.
  3. When a i. __________ was issued against Maddy Tunclough for late payment of bills, she hired him as ii. __________ for the defence. He got her off on a iii. __________ and the iv. __________ was forced to pay the costs. Later, however, he became embroiled in controversy over the alleged bribing of witnesses, and was v. __________ to give evidence at a public inquiry.
  4. He began his career as a i. __________ scientist but switched to genetics not long after graduating, and did his PHD in this area. His ii. __________ came when he discovered a way to isolate and remove defective genes found in unborn infants. This was achieved by administering a new form of drug. His test iii. __________, rather controversially, were chimpanzees. Once the effectiveness of the drug had been confirmed, he was given the go-ahead to commence iv. __________ . However, it wasn’t long before disaster struck and one of his patients fell ill and died. The v. __________ found that there had been an unexpected reaction of the human body to the drug which had caused a mass-mutation of cells. All testing of the drug was immediately halted and ultimately the project had to be abandoned.
  1. He is part of an elite unit in the drugs i. __________and is stationed in the 35th ii. __________. He started out as an investigator some five years ago, but such was his rate of success in solving iii. ____________ cases that he was earmarked as one to watch. His promotion to the elite unit was swift and came one month after his most high-profile case, which was also possibly the case most-closely followed by members of the public in law- iv. ____________ history. This was the infamous assassination of Senator Karnegie. The v. ____________ around the senator’s house extended to a radius of 5 km in the immediate aftermath of his shooting. Senator Karnegie would go on to lose his life, but Inspector Doggins solved the case after a relentless pursuit of the chief suspect yielded an eventual admission of guilt.

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Word Association


AUTHOR – journal     obituary           critic(al)           pseudonym      memoir            genre

BANKER – turmoil    broker              dividend          floatation         commodities    revenue

LAWYER – executor              plaintiff           technicality      subpoena(ed)   counsel            writ

SCIENTIST – specimen          clinical trial      autopsy            breakthrough   forensic      subject(s)

POLICE – checkpoint         enforcement    cordon             homicide         squad          precinct


  1. i. genre           ii. journal               iii. critical                       iv. memoir                  v. pseudonym             vi. obituary
  2. i. broker         ii. turmoil               iii. Commodities          iv. floatation                v. dividend
  3. i. writ             ii. counsel                iii. technicality             iv. plaintiff                   v. subpoena(ed)
  4. i. forensic      ii. breakthrough     iii. subjects                   iv. clinical trials           v. autopsy
  5. i. squad         ii. precinct               iii. homicide                iv. enforcement            v. cordon
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