Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 – 8.0 – 9.0: DIFFERENT KINDS OF PEOPLE (Part 1)


DIFFERENT KINDS OF PEOPLE –  Good Qualities and Character Flaws

(a) Match each adjective denoting character to its definition.

1. An affable person is

2. An aloof person is

3. A belligerent person is

4. A benevolent person is

5. A capricious person is

6. A cynical person is

7. A dogmatic person is

8. An eccentric person is

9. An erudite person is

10. A gregarious person is

11. An impetuous person is

12. An indolent person is

a. a slothful or lazy one; someone who tries to do as little as possible.

b. one who appears distant or disinterested; someone with whom it is hard to engage in meaningful conversation

c. good-willed and generous with their time, resources or praise of others; they desire to help others.

d. argumentative, and aggressive even; someone looking for a fight or argument.

e. likely to act suddenly without thinking; someone who doesn’t consider the consequences before acting.

f. distrusting of the motives of others; they think the worst of people and are suspicious of good deeds.

g. one who has a very odd or peculiar personality; they may have very strange beliefs or behave in a very strange way all the time.

h. one who forcibly and stubbornly defends their views; they believe they are right and are not willing to consider other ideas.

i. one who is fond of the company of others; somebody who is very sociable.

j. one who is very learned and knowledgeable; someone who is scholarly, one whose behaviour you can never predict; you never know how they are going to react.

k. one who is very friendly, warm and polite; a person who is easy to approach.

(b) Complete the sentences using the underlined words from section (a) above.

  1. Why do you have to be so ________ ? Look at the fine mess your thoughtlessness has got us into; you should maybe consider the consequences next time.
  2. I do wish you wouldn’t be so ________; after all, how could he know about our vast wealth when we’ve just moved to the area. Maybe he was just offering his help to be a good citizen.
  3. He actively seeks out friendship wherever he goes, such is his desire for company, and he can fit in anywhere. He is possibly the most ________ person I’ve ever known.
  4. He is very ________ ; our new boss Katie walked into the room and immediately he told her that he had been running ‘this joint’ for years and that he would be the one really in charge.
  5. He is an extremely ________ professor of Biology, widely respected throughout the world of academia for his vast knowledge of, in particular, marine ecosystems.
  6. Her enthusiasm for lying in front of the television seems to know no bounds; she is the most ________ person I have ever met.
  7. Forget about trying to convince Jenny; I have yet to meet a more ________teenager; her conviction that she is right would almost be admirable were she not so very, very wrong.
  8. I find him ________ enough; he is pleasant to talk to and always greets me with a smile.
  9. I think, in the case of Mary, it is not fair to say that she is ________ ; her shyness often translates into a need for her to keep some distance from those around her, especially in large social groups.
  10. She is one of the most ________ souls I have ever met in my life; she always speaks so highly of those she meets and I truly believe in doing so that she instils confidence and a sense of optimism in people.
  11. My boss is the most ________ woman on the planet; one minute she’s all happy and full of praise for us; the next she’s screaming and shouting abuse. I never know where I stand with her from one moment to the next.
  12. I wouldn’t call myself ________ per se, but I must admit my lifestyle could hardly be classed as ‘normal’ – whatever that means…

(c) Now match the opposites, using your understanding of the words learnt in (a) and contextualised in (b). There may be more than one correct match possible for some of the words in Column A.

Column AAnswer Column B
(a)        affable

(b)        aloof

(c)        belligerent

(d)       benevolent

(e)        capricious

(f)        cynical

(g)        dogmatic

(h)        eccentric

(i)         erudite

(j)         gregarious

(k)        impetuous

(l)         indolent

(i)         industrious / diligent

(ii)        reserved / introverted / unsociable

(iii)       submissive / deferential / cooperative

(iv)       conventional

(v)        uncultured / ignorant

(vi)       dependable / steady

(vii)      accommodating / agreeable

(viii)     trusting / optimistic

(ix)       approachable / friendly

(x)        standoffish

(xi)       malevolent

(xii)      cautious / circumspect

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Good Qualities and Character Flaws

1. l

2. b

3. d

4. c

5. k

6. f

7. h

8. g

9. j

10. i

11. e

12. a

1. impetuous

2. cynical

3. gregarious

4. belligerent

5. erudite

6. indolent

7. dogmatic

8. affable

9. aloof

10. benevolent

11. capricious

12. eccentric

a. x/ii

b. ix

c. vii/iii

d. xi

e. vi

f. viii

g. iii/vii

h. iv

i. v

j. x/ii

k. xii

l. i

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