Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 – 8.0 – 9.0: DIFFERENT KINDS OF PEOPLE (Part 3)


Types of People and their Roles


(a) Match the nouns A – K with their appropriate definitions, 1 – 11.

A a connoisseur

B a charlatan

C a degenerate

D a maverick

E a pragmatist

F a hermit

G an extrovert

H an introvert

I a sycophant

J a visionary

K a zealot

1. someone who is too passionate or devoted – a fanatic

2. someone who sees the way forward before everyone else

3. someone who is very knowledgeable in a particular field

4. someone who hides away from the rest of the world

5. someone who is very practical in their approach to things

6. someone who is rebellious and stands apart from the rest

7. someone who is very outgoing and lively

8. someone who is quite shy and reserved

9. a ‘yes man’ who flatters others to get what they want

10. someone who has degraded themselves from the normal moral standard

11. a person who claims to be something they do not possess the

qualities, qualifications or skills to be

(b) Use each word from the box no more than once to complete sentences 1-12.

mediator          aristocrat         protagonist      luminary              villain              subordinate

proponent        mercenary        denizen            mentor patriarch          partisan

  1. The ___________ tried but failed to get the two opposing sides to reach some common ground, shattering all remaining hope that a quick and painless resolution to the dispute could be found.
  2. In terms of helping me overcome my problems with my second year biology course, he was not much of a ___________ , but whether he meant it or not, as a life coach he was second to none.
  3. He is regarded by his people as the ___________ of their faith and is worshipped in much the same way as a god.
  4. How could he be regarded as anything but a ___________ given his family’s ties to the group – we must be in no doubt that his loyalties will lie with the rebels should war break out.
  5. He is a ___________ of the public house – he is there more than he is in his own home I dare say!
  6. He is nothing but a ___________ who will sell his services to whomever will pay him the most. Morals do not come into it.
  7. She is a ___________ in this field so show some respect for the lady; what she has achieved in this life, others would struggle to do in ten.
  8. You are my ___________ and you will obey me. Failure to do so will result in your dismissal.
  9. People make him out to be some kind of ___________ just because he criticised the Queen; he is a figure of hate in this country.
  10. I am a big ___________ of free education; I have been campaigning for the abolition of third-level fees for the best part of 20 years.
  11. He has been identified as the ___________ ; the police believe that, if they catch him, his followers will drop their weapons and go home.
  12. He considers himself an ___________ and thinks that his ‘high class’ makes him better than everyone else. I think his brother’s sister-in-law’s aunt’s cousin’s second-cousin-once-removed is related to the Queen. He’s proper royalty!!

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Types of People and their Roles


A.3      B.11    C.10    D.6      E.5       F.4

G.7      H.8      I.9        J.2        K.1


1. mediator

2. mentor

3. patriach

4. partisan

5. denizen

6. mercenary

7. luminary

8. subordinate

9. villain

10. proponent

11. protagonist

12. aristocrat

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