Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 +: DIFFERENT KINDS OF PEOPLE (Part 5)



Story: The Hopeless Romantic

Choose the most suitable word from the four options given, a – d, to fill each gap in the text.

At first when I tried to (1) … a response from him, I got nothing. Poor Jeff had been (2) … with Martha Higgins, the neighbours’ 18-year-old daughter, for the best part of five years now, ever since he had laid eyes on her skipping gracefully up next-door’s driveway without a care in the world as the Joneses moved in to the then-vacant 37 Downs Road. Back then, as a thirteen-year- old he had a fairly (3) … way of expressing his feelings, one which I’m sure Martha was none too appreciative of. But, boys will be boys at that age … a kick here, a pinch there, a hair-pull, some name-calling … eventually, as Jeff went from little boy to hormonally-charged teenager, he began to realise that his desire to push, poke and prod Martha was transforming into something far more translatable and mature – he was in love. His stubborn denial of this was (4) … at times; he couldn’t hide his feelings from his big brother – I knew he was smitten. But as the years rolled by, Martha Higgins became more and more of a(n) (5) …. She had a (6) … for the Arts and it wasn’t long until Jeff by happy coincidence also developed a(n) (7) … appetite for classic novels, poetry, painting and the like. And the fact that he seldom if ever got more than a (8) …… glance from the object of his affection did little to dampen Jeff’s spirits. It may have been rather (9) … of him, but he had this sort of (10) …… notion of fairy-tale endings, and he believed that if he professed his undying love for Martha, she would fall into his arms. Well, it was a painful but perhaps necessary reminder that we live in the real world Jeff received from Martha that day; he was kedonked fairly (11) ……. over the head with a wooden mallet by a(n) (12) ……. Martha as he poured his heart out to her at her front door – the poor girl didn’t know what was going on.

Now, at last, he was just about becoming responsive again. As he opened his eyes I shook my head in that knowing ‘I told you so’ fashion that so irritates people who’ve just been made a fool of. Jeff looked absolutely distraught – like his whole world had toppled in on him. Then, (13) …, there came a knock on the door, and who was it but Martha Higgins with a(n) (14) … of flowers and a get-well-soon card. The smile was back on Jeff’s face again and the spark of the hopeless romantic was (15)… I could tell, even as he sat there with that enormous, stupid-looking lump on the side of his head, that he was plotting his next move. If only Martha knew what she was in for!

1.         a. elicit                         b. illicit            c. conceive      d. evolve

2.         a. infatuated                b. mesmerized c. entertained  d. seduced

3.         a. cutting edge             b. novel           c. rare              d. familiar

4.         a. visible                      b. farcical        c. ingenious     d. insensitive

5.         a. enigma                     b. cliffhanger   c. brainteaser   d. twister

6.         a. penchant                  b. likeness        c. likening        d. affirmation

7.         a. insatiable                 b. picky           c. contented    d. partial

8.         a. cursory                     b. thorough      c. painstaking  d. superficial

9.         a. ingenious                 b. ingenuous    c. insistent       d. intrepid

10.       a. grave                        b. fanciful        c. fortuitous     d. frank

11.       a. tamely                      b. infrequently c. viciously      d. accidentally

12.       a. terrific                      b. comforted   c. petrified       d. pretentious

13.       a. ordinarily                 b. plausibly      c. inexplicably d. punctiliously

14.       a. fragrance                 b. vase             c. wreath         d. bouquet

15.       a. rekindled                 b. resurrected  c. revamped     d. resuscitate


Story: The Hopeless Romantic

1. a

2. a

3. b

4. b

5. a

6. a

7. a

8. a

9. b

10. b

11. c

12. c

13. c

14. d

15. a

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