Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 – 8.0 – 9.0: Practice Exercises and Answer Key (Part 1)

Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0+- General, Low-frequency, Advanced Vocabulary
Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0+- General, Low-frequency, Advanced Vocabulary

Practice daily to improve IELTS score with Advanced Vocabulary and IELTS Vocabulary Practice Exercise for IELTS Academic & IELTS General Training Test takers. This lesson includes 9 Parts, so stay tuned!

Now, let’s check out Part 1

Practice Exercises and Answer Key

(A) Select the correct answer option (a – d) for each question (1 – 20)

  1. It was a(n)___________ effort on our part to try to convince her not to make such a rash decision and quit her job before she had anything lined up; she was never going to listen to us anyway.
  2. The violent scenes in that movie were simply___________ and added nothing to the storyline. All they served to achieve was to force the Film Censor’s hand so as to prevent under 12s from being able to view what was otherwise a perfectly suitable film for them to watch.
  3. Living as a foreigner in such a(n) ___________ place as this, it is hardly surprising that I get stared at walking down the street; I stand out like a sore thumb.
  4. Rumours abound that the announcement of the merger of the two companies is ___________ ; apparently it is as good as a done deal.
  5. He had the ___________ build of someone half his age involved in professional athletics; it was as though he never aged at all, and yet I seldom saw him do exercise of any kind and he never went to the gym.
  6. The ___________ details of the deceased’s year-long affair with his secretary emerged during the trial as the prosecution tried to build a strong case for motive to murder. This much is clear; most people in Jane Ayre’s shoes probably would have wanted their lying, cheating, money-grabbing husband dead.
  7. It is one thing to simply tell a white lie, James, but you have been downright ___________ ; I will never be able to trust you again.
  8. The chances of finding those trapped in the snow after the avalanche now are ___________ ; after all, most avalanche survivors suffocate within 15-30 minutes of being buried alive. It has been nine hours now that the rescuers have been searching.
  9. There is a(n) ___________ of books on the subject, so you should have no trouble whatsoever researching ideas for your project.
  10. She has a(n) ___________ way of making her point which is brilliantly effective; I find it leaves those with whom she argues at a loss for what to say next, so taken aback are they by her succinct ripostes.
  11. He is no doubt a(n) ___________ talent, but I question whether or not he has the temperament to succeed in this sport.
  12. He is a(n) ___________ goal scorer; not even the great Malcolm Mound managed to convert his chances with the same regularity during his spell at the club.
  13. The two houses are___________ to each other and yet they are so differently styled that you could be forgiven for thinking they were built in completely different eras.
  14. He left a(n) ___________ on my answerphone about having to ‘disappear’ for a few weeks, saying that ‘everything would be all right’ and that he would sort it out. I am still struggling to understand what this is all about, but it can’t be good.
  15. The diamond is of___________ origin; indeed, I strongly suspect that it has been smuggled into the country illegally from one of the African conflict zones.
  16. That is a(n) ___________ abuse of power; be warned, you will not win any friends behaving like this and walking all over everyone.
  17. The bottom fell out of this___________ cardboard box while I was carrying it up the stairs; how cheap of the courier company to use such cut-rate packaging.
  18. He wore a(n) ___________ expression for weeks following the news that he had not got the promotion.
  19. He has a(n) ___________ collection of butterflies which he bought from the local Natural History museum.
  20. There is a(n) ___________ of new homes being built in the region and at the moment demand far outweighs supply. Something must be done to redress the balance.
  1. a. futile           b. brazen          c. aqueous       d. dubious
  2. a. docile          b. gratuitous    c. dormant       d. arduous
  3. a. eminent     b. convivial      c. extraneous   d. homogenous
  4. a. imminent  b. eminent       c. frugal           d. culpable
  5. a. doleful        b. esoteric        c. lithe             d. intrepid
  6. a. brazen        b. inherent       c. ponderous    d. lurid
  7. a. prudent      b. reclusive      c. precipitous   d. mendacious
  8. a. oblique       b. miniscule     c. inherent       d. prolific
  9. a. prolific        b. plethora       c. nominal        d. frugal
  10. a. laconic         b. frugal           c. congenial     d. apprehensive
  11. a. prodigious  b. coherent      c. eminent        d. flagrant
  12. a. prolific         b. brazen          c. indulgent     d. innate
  13. a. contiguous   b. munificent   c. gregarious    d. noxious
  14. a. gaudy           b. lustrous        c. munificent   d. cryptic
  15. a. latent            b. dubious       c. laconic         d. lucrative
  16. a. latent            b. lucrative      c. flagrant        d. miniscule
  17. a. flimsy           b. lustrous        c. intrepid        d. haughty
  18. a. prudent        b. reclusive      c. doleful         d. officious
  19. a. reticent         b. ponderous   c. esoteric        d. reciprocal
  20. a. plethora        b. miniscule     c. dearth          d. vestige

Answer Key


1 a       2.b       3.d       4.a       5.c

6 d       7.d       8.b       9.b       10.a

11 a     12.a     13.a     14.d     15.b

16 c     17.a     18.c     19.c     20.c

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