Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 +: DIFFERENT KINDS OF PEOPLE (Part 4)



Ugly Characteristics

(a) Match the character trait with its definition.

A audacious

B meddlesome

C clingy

D remorseless

E vindictive

F brazen

G quarrelsome

H truculent

I self-righteous

1. recklessly bold; behaving in a wild and risky way

2. lacking any sense of guilt for your wrongdoings

3. very argumentative

4. cruel, overly harsh or hostile

5. likely to interfere in other people’s affairs

6. unlikely to feel ashamed of your poor behaviour or behave humbly

7. spiteful; determined to get revenge on people who wrong you

8. thinking a lot of yourself and overestimating your own importance

9. too intense in close relationships; needing to be around your loved ones all the time

(b) Select one of the character traits from (a) to fill each gap below. You should use each trait once only. You may have to change the form of the word for it to fit properly in the sentence.

  1. He always comes across so holier-than-thou; and where does he get off doling out advice to people all the time as if he know’s best – uh, he’s so ____________ . What has he actually ever done is what I would like to know.
  2. His ____________ astounds me; just days after being outed as one of the most high profile and prolific drugs cheats of all time, he appears on a talk show demanding leniency. I can’t believe he had the nerve to show up let alone dismiss the notion that he should issue an apology.
  3. Must you always be so ____________ , Jane? At this rate we’ll do well to simply agree on a subject for our research project before the due date. How about a compromise?
  4. He became known in the business for his ____________ when it came to reviewing local eateries; he seldom showed them any mercy at all and was scathing in his criticism.
  5. Your ____________ brother has been sticking his nose in where it’s not wanted again. Tell him to stay out of the dispute; it’s a private matter.
  6. You have to stop ____________ to Mike, Sarah. Otherwise, he’ll end up feeling suffocated and will just want to escape; then you’ll lose him for good.
  7. The judge said that on account of the genuine ____________ shown by the witness he was going to impose a more lenient sentence.
  8. I can’t believe you had the ____________ to call your boss an idiot to his face, John. I mean, you can laugh about it now, sure, but you were lucky this time. How exactly will we cope if next time you lose your job?
  9. His ____________ is such that he wrote a damning review of her performance in his column despite privately admitting that he had seldom seen acting as fine. As usual, his hurt pride came before everything else.


Ugly characteristics


A 1      B. 5     C. 9     D. 2

E 7       F. 6      G. 3     H. 4     I. 8


1. self-righteous

2. brazeness

3. quarrelsome

4. truculence

5. meddlesome

6. clinging

7. remorse

8. audacity

9. vindictiveness

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