Nominal – Word Of The Day For IELTS

word of the day - nominal

Nominal – Word Of The Day For IELTS Speaking And Writing

Nominal: (Adjective)/ˈnɑːmɪnl/


a very small sum of something which does not show it is really worth or really costs.


Insignificant, Trifling, Negligible


With nouns: amount/ charge/ fee/ head/ income/ interest/ money/ rate/ sum/ value


For IELTS Speaking:.
“The local agents provide an extensive catalogue of programs available at a nominal charge.”
“Those registered users of Word for Windows requiring the upgrade can obtain it from Microsoft for a nominal fee of £7.75inc.VAT.”

For IELTS Writing:
“Additional effects are found from the growth in nominal income which is associated with an increase in own country relative returns.”


Match the word below to complete these sentences.

property, sweeping, nonentity, phoneme, nominal, retrial

  1. Next to him, the other dancers seemed like ……………………
  2. The rise in the inflation rate, in turn, raises the …………….. interest rate
  3. Some of the stolen …………….. was discovered in an empty warehouse.
  4. The players will face a ……………… on charges of serious assault in October.
  5. The cloth is liberally soaked and wiped over the surface in a smooth ……………………… motion.
  6. At the lexical level the frame of discernment consists of words expressed as ordered sets of ……………….

Answer keys:

  1. nonentity
  2. nominal
  3. property
  4. retrial
  5. sweeping
  6. phoneme

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Nominal – Word Of The Day For IELTS
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