Isolate – Word Of The Day

word of the day by ieltsmaterial - isolate
word of the day by ieltsmaterial - isolate

Isolate – Word Of The Day For IELTS Speaking and Writing

Isolate: (Verb) /ˈaɪ.sə.leɪt/


To separate one person, group, or thing from other people or things


Separate, Confine, Detach, Insulate, Divide


With noun: isolate attempt/community/gene/group/rest/world

With verb: become/feel/remain/try


For IELTS Speaking:
“The town was isolated by the floods.”
“New born babies must be isolated from possible contamination.”

For IELTS Writing:
“It is impossible to isolate political responsibility from moral responsibility.”


Choose the following words to fill in the blank: isolated, topics, classics, dynamic, sole, adapt, couple, prohibits, finite, identical.

  1. Disney’s early cartoon features are now considered _______________ in the field of animation.

  2. I’ll be ready in a _______________ of minutes.

  3. Victoria has enacted a new bylaw which _______________ smoking in all public buildings.

  4. _______________ twins develop from the equal division of a fertilized egg.

  5. Our oil and gas reserves are _______________, so we must take steps to develop alternative energy sources.

  6. The _______________ economy of the U. S. is the envy of the world.

  7. In April of 1932, after 5 years of research, an American science professor _______________ vitamin C.

  8. After the birth of her little brother, Sophie was shocked to find that she was no longer the _______________ object of her parents’ affection.

  9. It has taken my family a long time to _______________ to the cold of Canada.

  10. The better your English language skills, the more you are able to talk about difficult _______________.
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