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word of the day by - scenerio
word of the day by - scenerio

Scenario – Word of the Day for IELTS Speaking and Writing

Scenario: (Noun) /sɪˈnɑː.ri.əʊ/

Definition :

A situation that could possibly happen.

Synonyms :

Plot, Scheme, Outline.

Collocations :

With adjective: alternative/different/ill/likely/plausible/possible/unlikely/whole scenario.

With noun: case/doomsday/nightmare scenario.

With verb: consider/create/follow/imagine/play scenario.

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Example :

For IELTS Speaking :
“It is just an extension of on-the-road campaigning. Consider this scenario which I see consistently two or three times a year.”
“If this is true, the education secretary will be hoping for one of the following scenarios.”

For IELTS Writing :
“The downside of such excellent economic performance is that virtually any alternative scenario will represent a deterioration.”

Exercise :

Choose the following words to fill in the blank : inherently, cessation, distortion, overlapping, analogous, temporarily, mediator, refinements, confinement, scenarios.

  1. In October of 1968, U.S. president Lyndon Johnson ordered the total _______________ of American bombing of North Vietnam.
  2. The latest safety _______________ make this Volvo the best family car available today.
  3. American military personnel are staging various terrorist _______________ in order to better prepare for possible future attacks
  4. The amount of _______________ on the radio depends on how strong the signal is.
  5. Driving a car is not _______________ dangerous even though thousands of people die in accidents each year.
  6. The union has been unable to reach a settlement with the administration, and has asked for the services of a well-known _______________.
  7. Tooth pain may go away _______________, but the problem will not go away until it is treated.
  8. Schools are organized like factories, and the educational process is _______________ to commodity production.
  9. Despite his years of _______________ in a prisoner-of-war camp, the old man always had a positive view of life.
  10. If you want to make a darkroom for developing your photos, you’ll need to put _______________ sheets of black paper on the window so that absolutely no light gets through.
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