Inevitable – Word of the Day for IELTS Speaking and Writing

INEVITABLE - word of the day by
INEVITABLE - word of the day by

Inevitable – Word of the Day for IELTS Speaking and Writing

Inevitable – Adjective /ɪˈnev.ɪ.tə.bəl/

Definition :

Certain to happen and impossible to avoid.

Synonyms :

Certain, Definite.

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Collocations :

Appear/be/look/seem/become inevitable.

Example :

For IELTS Speaking :
” It was inevitable that I would take the vacation to enjoy myself after a long stressful week.”

” The company closure is seemingly inevitable.”

For IELTS Writing :
” Unfortunately, violence is the inevitable corollary of such a revolutionary change in society.”

Exercise :

Choose the following words to fill in the blank: inevitable, contradict, displaced, ambiguous, random, paragraph, guideline, virtual, terminated, inspect. 

  1. The newly hired secretary had her contract _______________ after she was discovered stealing money from the coffee fund
  2. Before you begin painting, you should _______________ the walls to see if there are any holes that need to be filled.
  3. Cuts to the health budget seem to _______________ the premier’s promise to improve health care in our province.
  4. The ending of the movie was totally _______________. I guess we have to decide for ourselves what really happened.
  5. My daughter has a computer program with a _______________ pet cat that she feeds and plays with.
  6. You must follow the _______________ for essay writing to ensure your essay has the proper format.
  7. Olympic athletes are subject to _______________ drug testing.
  8. Your _______________ should have a good topic sentence.
  9. The accident was the ____________ consequence of carelessness.
  10. Hundreds of people and their homes were _______________ to make way for the new highway.
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