Consent- Word Of The Day For IELTS

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Consent- Word Of The Day For IELTS Speaking And Writing

Consent: (Noun) /kənˈsɛnt/


Permission to do something


Authorization, Permission, Assent


With adjective: informed/ mutual/ parental/ prior consent
With verb: give/ grant/ inform/ need/ obtain/ refuse/ require/ sign consent


For IELTS Speaking:.
“He took the car without the owner’s consent.”
“A patient can refuse consent for a particular treatment at any time.”

For IELTS Writing:
“Health authorities are advised that introduction of new screening programmes requires ethical research committee consent.”


Choose the following words to fill in the blank: maximise, remove, sufficient, coordinate, framework, demonstrated, volume, instance, consent, physical.

  1. The Red Cross is trying to _______________ relief efforts aimed at aiding the victims of Sunday’s earthquake.
  2. To _______________ profits, I suggest we reduce our unit price in order to sell a greater volume of product.
  3. Please _______________ your shoes when you come into the house.
  4. The curriculum guide provides a _______________ for new teachers to refer to when making lesson plans.
  5. You have to get your parents’ _______________ in order to come on the field trip to the lake.
  6. Recent research has _______________ a clear link between smoking parents and ear infections in children.
  7. A further _______________ of computer problems occurred this morning.
  8. The best way to lose weight is to do regular _______________ activity.
  9. Two hours should be _______________ time to finish the work.
  10. Fresh apples float because 25 percent of their _______________ is air.

Answer key
1. coordinate
2. maximise
3. remove
4. framework
5. consent
6. demonstrated
7. instance
8. physical
9. sufficient

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