Appetite – Word Of The Day For IELTS


Appetite – Word Of The Day For IELTS Speaking And Writing

Appetite: (Noun) /ˈapɪtʌɪt/


a desire for food


Craving, Demand, Hunger


With adjective: healthy/ insatiable/ voracious appetite
With verb: feed/ increase/ lose/ satisfy/ whet/ whetted appetite


For IELTS Speaking:.
“The chicks need round the clock attention, and have developed very healthy appetites
“Seaside entrepreneurs had been feeding this appetite, building this market, for several generations already.”

For IELTS Writing:
“Their observations concerning the insatiable appetite for immediate team success from the age of eight are so relevant.”


Match these words and phrases with word below : vital, trigger, appetite, portions, dietitians, moderate, eliminate, skipping, curb, allergy.

  1. very important _____________
  2. food scientists _____________
  3. neither small nor large __________
  4. servings ________________
  5. missing out on _____________
  6. limit _____________
  7. desire to eat _______________
  8. totally remove _____________
  9. a condition that causes illness if you eat certain foods __________
  10. activate _____________

Answer key

  1. vital
  2. dietitians
  3. moderate
  4. portions
  5. skipping
  6. curb
  7. appetite
  8. eliminate
  9. allergy
  10. trigger.

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