Derive – Word Of The Day For IELTS

word of the day by ieltsmaterial - derive
word of the day by ieltsmaterial - derive

Derive – Word Of The Day For IELTS Speaking And Writing

Derive: (Verb) /dɪˈrʌɪv/


To get something, especially an advantage or a pleasant feeling, from something


Acquire, Receive, Obtain


With adverb: directly derive
With noun: derive benefit/ comfort/ energy/ pleasure/ satisfaction/ value


For IELTS Speaking:
“Medically, we will derive great benefit from this technique.”
“Many students derived enormous satisfaction from the course”

For IELTS Writing:
“One consents to the establishment of a political society and its authority because of the benefits one will derive from its existence.”


Choose the following words to fill in the blank: evidence, constitutes, identify, occurred, issue, derived, theorists, process, assumed, sector.

  1. It is important to learn a _______________ which will help you to guess the meaning of new vocabulary from context.
  2. Many words in English are _______________ from French.
  3. The accident _______________ about 9:00 this morning.
  4. An important _______________ under discussion in the world of sport today is the participation of professional athletes in the Olympic Games.
  5. Jobs in the tourism _______________ have risen by over 5% this year.
  6. The police freed a suspected murderer because they didn’t have enough _______________ to charge him.
  7. When you didn’t come to work I just _______________ that you were sick.
  8. The woman was unable to _______________ the man who stole her purse because it had been too dark at the time of the robbery.
  9. Canada’s aboriginal population _______________ a small but important part of our country.
  10. Many _______________ now believe that vocabulary development is even more important than grammar study for second language learners.

Answer key
1. process.
2. derived.
3. occurred.
4. issue.
5. sector.
6. evidence.
7. assumed.
8. identify.
9. constitutes.
10. theorists.

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