Launder – Word Of The Day For IELTS


Launder – Word Of The Day For IELTS Speaking And Writing 

Launder /ˈlɔːndə/ (Verb) [transitive]


to put money which has been obtained illegally into legal businesses and bank accounts, so that you can hide it or use it


  • Launder money/ profits
  • Money laundering


  • He was jailed for laundering drug money.
  • Jack worked with foreign banks to launder drug profit.
  • Thompson began a six-year sentence for money laundering earlier this year.
  • However, Mike was unable to spend the money and needed it laundered.


Try to use the word “launder” in your topic

Talk about an article that you’ve read recently

You can say:

  • When you read it
  • What was it about
  • Was it a good or bad news

And explain how you feel about the news.

Sample Answer:

I usually read a newspaper daily, especially in online newspapers, and I also enjoy reading some latest news in all over the world. There are lots of interesting, thought-provoking and intriguing articles that I often enjoy and today I would like to talk about one such article that I recently read from the daily website.

It was about a fatal police shooting and how police prevent a pre-operation murdering plan. This stood at 1st of the most viewed news. The 28-year-old man who described as a “major drugs baron”; he laundered the profits from his drugs empire through his sale of high-performance cars was killed by police marksmen.

I am a bit confused whether should I say it as a bad news or good. On the one hand, I am happy because the police have halted an illegal activity caused by a man. However, the chilling shooting makes me feel scary and deeply regret his death. His family definitely suffered from this pain after the loss of their loved one.

I have read numerous articles about terrorism, violence and the efforts of governments to combat terrorism. This article alerted us and then showed us our lack of awareness of the issue and then gave the hope of making positive changes. I felt like I have adopted a different perception about this triggering issue and felt the need to read more on the topic. The news helped me understand our immediate attention to a dire issue and how each of us can contribute to reducing the severity of this eminent problem.


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