Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 – 8.0 – 9.0: ISSUES FACING YOUNG PEOPLE ( Part 1)

Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 - 8.0 - 9.0: ISSUES FACING YOUNG PEOPLE ( Part 1)

Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 +: ISSUES FACING YOUNG PEOPLE – Practice Exercises and Answer Key


(A) Family Issues

Choose a word from the box below to fit in each gap. You should use each word once only. You may pluralise if necessary.

material                       woe                 epidemic          obstinate

promiscuous                device              amok               breakdown

chasm                          inept                crisis                conspicuous

  1. Father and mother figures are becoming more and more __________ by their absence, forced to spend a greater amount of time away from the family unit due to workplace commitments.
  2. The __________ of the family unit is leading to single-parent families.
  3. Economic __________ are helping to create a situation whereby there are more and more families with two working parents.
  4. There is not so much a gap as a huge __________ between the generations; this causes regular disputes and misunderstandings.
  5. Adolescent teens are experiencing a(n) __________ of identity and are not being given sufficient parental guidance to cope.
  6. Children are being left unsupervised more often and from a younger age, and given licence to run __________.
  7. The prevailing culture of opting for convenience and junk foods is contributing to the obesity __________ affecting today s youth.
  8. The fact that fewer and fewer families sit down to eat together at the dinner table is helping to create a generation that is socially __________ .
  9. Left to their own __________ , many youths are turning to destructive habits like smoking and drinking.
  10. The youth of today are more opinionated and __________ than ever before.
  11. Young people

    are exploring their sexuality from a younger age and are becoming more and more __________ . Experimenting in this way can lead to problems such as teenage pregnancy.

  12. Parents try to compensate for the fact that they are around less by buying more gifts for their children, and, in so doing, unintentionally contribute to the skewing of values in society such that more and more emphasis is being placed on __________ things.


Teen Issues

(a) Choose the word from the box which collocates most strongly for each gap in the text.

morbidly          academic         friendship        calorie              splendid

unrealistic        virtual              self                  sleep                antisocial

suicide             pushy               social               sedentary

There are a myriad of lifestyle issues affecting the youth of today. Such is the pressure heaped on many school-goers to achieve 1.__________ excellence by their parents that these 2. __________ expectations are causing children to become hopelessly depressed. Indeed, some, in their desperation to escape and their sense of guilt at being unable reach the levels of success demanded of them by their 3. __________ parents, either rebel in what is tantamount to a cry for help, or, worse still, engage in 4. __________ -harm. It is no coincidence that 5. __________ rates, expecially amongst young males, have been rising steadily for some time now. These are tough times to be a teen.

Then there are those who get hooked on the internet; the 6. __________ world becomes their reality. For these teens, their 7. __________ circle shrinks dramatically until, at last, their 8. __________ sphere is limited solely to their online buddies. Not alone do they commonly suffer from 9. __________ deprivation on account of their destructive addiction to game play and net-surfing, their behaviour may become so erratic and peculiar over time as to be considered 10. __________ . And while they sit at their computer screens hidden away in 11. __________ isolation from the real world, such is the lack of exercise they get that their 12. __________ intake far exceeds what is necessary for them to maintain a stable weight. In essence, due to their 13. __________ lifestyle, their weight skyrockets until such time as they become 14. __________ obese.

(b) Choose the most suitable verb from the box to fit in each gap and change the form or tense if necessary.

resist                yield                gratify             foster               refine

dabble             involve                        yearn               impart              exclude

compromise     establish          ostracise          become            instill

Never is it more important to fit in than during adolescence, that critical time of development when a young person’s character is 1.__________ and they find their place in the world. To be 2. __________ or socially 3. __________  is, in fact, probably the worst nightmare for most teens, and the majority will do anything to avoid it, even if that means 4. __________ their own beliefs, 5. __________ to peer pressure and doing things they normally would never dream of. But it is in the making of such compromises that a teen’s life can be destroyed in an instant. Indeed, it is not at all uncommon for an otherwise perfectly decent young lad or lass to fall in with the wrong crowd and find themselves caught up in all sorts of trouble. Depending on how impressionable a teen is, and the extent to which they 6. __________ for acceptance, there is no telling what they will do in their efforts to gain same, from 7. __________ with drugs to 8. __________ themselves in criminal activities. The key determining factor in 9. __________ the likelihood of whether a young person will go off the rails is not simply their background as one might expect. It is, in fact, the extent to which their parents have 10. __________ confidence and a sense of self-worth in them as they have grown up. A child who is at ease in their own skin and confident in who and what they represent as a person is far less likely to put themselves in a position where they will be compromising their morals simply to 11. __________ a few peers. In short, you can give a child the best education money can buy and 12. __________ on them all the moral virtues and wisdom you wish, but this will count for nothing unless you also 13. __________ in them an appreciation of their own value as an individual. Only then will they be able to 14.          the pressure from their peers and the natural inclination to try to 15. __________ popular and be considered ‘cool’ regardless of the consequences.



1 conspicuous 2. breakdown 3. woes 4. chasm 5. crisis

6 amok 7. epidemic 8. inept 9. devices 10. obstinate

11 promiscuous 12. material

Teen issues


1 academic 2. unrealistic 3. pushy 4. self  5. suicide

6 virtual 7. social/friendship 8. social/friendship 9. sleep

10 antisocial 11. splendid 12. calorie 13. sedentary 14. morbidly


1 refined 2. ostracised 3. excluded 4. compromising

5 yielding 6. yearn 7. dabbling 8. involving 9. establishing

10 instilled 11. gratify 12. impart 13. foster 14. resist  15. become

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